Cougar Dating: The Beginning Of A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

jhgfjToday life for a woman starts in the late 40s and early 50s. It is by this time that they have fulfilled all their responsibilities and duties and are finally free to live life on their terms; live life for themselves. With more and more women staying physically lean and fit and with the experience of years to add to their wealth of knowledge, older women make excellent dating partners, especially for the younger men.

This has resulted in a phenomenon known as “cougar dating”. In fact, to the younger man, the experience of the older woman adds to her mystic. She is not only sexually more experienced but also has a repertoire of memorable incidents which make it easy to talk to her, laugh with her and seek advice when needed. While sex does play a vital role in this relationship, companionship, an undemanding relationship, great conversation, romanticism, and mystic etc., all are equally important.

But how does a man know if a woman is, in fact, a cougar? He has to look for certain signs like:

  • Thinning hair, lips, eroded teeth enamel, thin skin etc., which will help him to approximately determine the age,
  • The use of more make-up skilfully used to conceal certain signs of aging,
  • Having enough self-confidence to make eye contact directly without any hesitation,
  • Is more relaxed, calm, peaceful and looks around with an easy smile on her face etc.

While meeting a cougar at a party or at the pub is a natural occurrence, there are several cougar dating sites which list names and phones numbers of older women who are interested in dating younger men. But irrespective of where and how a young man meets a cougar, attracting her can only be done by:

  • Adopting an honest approach,
  • Never stereotyping an older woman,
  • Showing respect and consideration,
  • Taking rejection gracefully if and when faced,
  • Acting the age that a person is and not trying to pretend to be older and
  • Appear uncomplicated and extremely reliable.

While younger men have a lot to gain from this relationship, for the older women too it is a gainful and fulfilling relationship because she:

  • Feels appreciated and wanted,
  • Is able to give in to her adventurous and fun-loving self,
  • Finds a reason to stay fit and maintain her looks,
  • Feels light, flirtatious and free since the relationship is undemanding and uncomplicated,
  • Feels sexually sated and happy.

Thus dating a younger man makes a woman feel good both physically and psychologically. However, there are certain myths attached to this concept of older women dating. Some of these myths are:

  • Most people question the viability of the relationship since there is always a possibility of the younger man cheating on the older woman. This is actually not true since when an older woman embarks on a relationship with a man with an independence, spontaneity and energetic fervour. She likes her freedom too which goes very well with the younger man’s need for a less traditional, uncomplicated and undemanding relationship.
  • It is not possible to hold the interest of the older woman for long. This is absolutely not true since every relationship has many aspects attached to it. People opting for this relationship do so with an open-mind and are generally receptive to new experiences, tastes, and interests. This forms a solid basis for the relationship with both parties getting what they look for.
  • The younger man ultimately wants children. The basic ideology of younger men gravitating towards older women is because he is not ready for a complicated and demanding relationship which asks for more than he is willing to give. This ensures that both the parties involved have a great relationship for the time that they are together and part amicably when they no longer want to stay together.
  • A cougar will not fit in the social circle of the younger man. The imperfection of this statement lies in the fact that a younger woman opts for a relationship with the older woman because he is looking for more than just sex. The personality of the cougar, her ability to hold a prolonged conversation on any topic, her mature understanding of life and the varied experiences that she has, enables her to in fit any group that she is introduced in.
  • The relationship gives rise to negative talks. People always need a juicy topic to talk about and the unconventionality of this relationship can result in a lot of snide comments and talks. While the cougar is aptly able to handle this, given the life experiences she has, the man who is adventurous enough to seek this relationship will hardly ever bother with it. In fact for both of them, this will only add to the fun.

Dating an older woman can be fun-unlimited provided both the younger man and the older woman are committed to it. Today this sort of a relationship has become very common and more and more young men are seeking out older women. With some of the best cougar dating sites receiving web traffic galore, this relationship is definitely here to stay.

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