Amid Social Distancing – How to Manage Dating Life from Home

The recent pandemic is changing the way most things worked in daily life. Things that we took for granted, like grocery shopping and greeting. Speaking of greeting people, dating has become quite an issue due to ‘stay at home’ rules and regulations, and keeping up with relationships has become difficult for various individuals. Couples are missing their partner’s touch, and singles want to meet new people.

In this era of social media and instant matchmaking, a lot of damage was brought to pure romance relationships. Today people want to jump into a relationship after perceiving the visuals of a person at online dating be up to their standards. Then they quickly want to get to the other ‘adult side’ of a relationship that took 5-10 dates to reach a few years back. So now, when the situation is of social distancing, what can they do in order to keep dating and have the passion burning of a courting life. Below are a few tips:

Go Online

If you’re one with a relationship and are eager to keep it maintained, it’s best to start with getting long distance dating advice. And you can find plenty online if you live alone or have no one to talk to. The next step is to keep up connections with your loved one online. There is Tinder, but now several quarantine dating apps have surfaced that have some excellent features and also support a great cause to serve COVID influenced people and families.

Take the Time to Really Get to Know Each other

No doubt keeping up a relationship without physical connection can be quite severe, and to most couples, it can mean everything. But this time can be a gift to humankind as much as it is a problem. You can now just focus on talking to your loved one on the other side of the screen. Maybe get to know your bae through profound questions and answering sessions, get to know their parents and family, and be able to take the relationship a step further.

Become Each other’s Strength During the Pandemic

The time of lockdown is quite a panic-creating one where everything is uncertain, and nobody knows who the next target is going to be of the virus. There is havoc everywhere and constant checking in of news. In this time, you and your date on the other side of the screen may be having jitters and going through panic or may have a loved one down with the virus. So you should try and support them to the end to keep your relationship strong. They will need all the support they can get, and yours will matter the most. Also, make sure that you get the same attention from your girlfriend/boyfriend to have strength in this dire time.

Choose Communication Timings

Not every hour of the day is the best to communicate with your partner on the screens. Some hours you may be feeling redundant, sometimes you may be busy with work, cooking or cleaning. And the reason why any spontaneous minute of communicating with your date on screen is bad is that you may not be looking your best or be in your most energetic form. Not being in the driven mode while chatting with your romantic partner can make things awkward, and conversations can get dull. Staying at home all day makes a person tedious and unmotivated so make sure you’re at peak conversational and engagement modes when screen-timing with your date.

Take Care of Yourself

Being yourself and rocking PJs in front of your love interest is good to establish comfortable grounds and let them know the real you. But to keep things spicy and passionate, dressing up from time to time for chats is a good idea. Even if you’re at home, you can put in some effort to show them you really care about screen times and looking your best to impress them. Your bond will strengthen and will go beyond the lockdown phase.

Compliment and Appreciate

In these times of inaccessibility to better things in life, people are finally realizing and appreciating them for their worth. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to realize how gifting some things and people are in your life and be grateful for them for the rest of life. Such a person can also be your partner whom you can show appreciation. You must now compliment them more and show them how grateful you are for having them. Do something special like sending love letters or a handmade gift to touch them emotionally and settle an appreciative sense.

If you have any questions, please ask below!