Advice for Men Dating Online Wanting a Serious Relationship

online-datingOnline dating has opened up many doors for the dating world. This tricky world of online dating can bring a lot to your table and thus you should know how to handle it. There is a possibility that you may have to re-asses your beliefs and expectations about love if you are looking for a serious relationship. Dating can be hard enough as it has an emotional connection but instead of buying destructive myths about dating, it is necessary that you learn how to keep things in perspective, watch for red flags and deal with trust issues to find a relation that lasts forever!

If you know what you want, i.e., a serious relationship then this will help you in making right and proactive choice. There are many top serious relationship dating sites which help you in finding true love. If you are ready for a monogamous and long-term love then this post will help you in finding that love and happiness which you’ve always deserved!

Keep an open mind: You are looking for a soul-mate and thus you should like what she likes irrespective of the fact that you don’t like it. For instance the girl you met online likes little dogs but you hate them completely. You can choose to simply forgo interacting with her just because she likes little dogs but by this you can miss out something majorly! A beautiful and kind woman with an annoying laugh may be tough on a long car ride but at least she thinks you are funny and respects you for that! When it comes to online dating, you have to look beyond substance and drive through this passage with open mind.

Value the compromises and don’t hesitate to make one: If you are willing to make compromise and sacrifice for someone then that indicates the presence of true love! And compromise if not something which you will do intentionally, your inner heart and conscience will ask you to do it. You want to see basketball match but she is really upset and needs you at this point of time. How would you evaluate pacifying her with basketball match? You will feel like going to her and make her feel good as she is the source of your happiness. Keep this in your mind that compromise is not about losing, it’s about deciding that the other person has just as much right to be happy with the end result as you do. The happiness which you will derive with the compromises by seeing her pretty face smiling at you will be unconditional!
Be the best of yourself: Nobody in this world needs to be anybody else to attract a great girl. Just be yourself so that she gets to know the real you! If she understands the real being of yourself then every new day will only strengthen your relationship. People tend to behave in a manner which is not their real self but that is not going to last and will never help you in elevating the stairs of love. So be yourself as you are unique and best the way you are! But don’t forget to be the best version of yourself! Dress nicely, bathe, smell good, if you feel like asking questions do so, exhibit your knowledge about interesting topics and just enjoy this journey of sweet love.

Lend a listening ear: Women are very honest and open at heart especially with the people they love and admire. If they really start liking you then it won’t take them much time to open their thoughts in front of you. But provided you lend a listening ear to them! They just want somebody special to listen to them so that they can feel light as usually they are in habit of keeping everything in heart. Just smile, nod and listen and the cute and satisfactory smile of their face after they finish will make you feel like the prince of their hearts!

Don’t lose your patience: Men are too keen to be physical as compared to women. But if you are looking for a serious relationship then you have to be patient and respect her boundaries as well. You can do little chemistry checks such as when you are waiting for a table in a restaurant try to subtly lean into her a bit and if she allows you to lean in then this means things are going well but if she steps back then she is still not comfortable. It can take women two to three dates to build that chemistry and certainly it is not a crime! So you have to build that comfort factor for her and maintain your patience as it rewards in long run!

red-flagsBe wary of red flags specially in online dating: If you feel something coming up like a red flag then you need to be attentive of it. Don’t make the classic mistake of thinking of it like a myth! It is ok to let go of somebody if she doesn’t click your heart and you feel she is not the right one for you! Let go of craziness as something much better must be waiting. Honesty, kindness, and love act like an accelerator, brake and clutch of this car of love and if any of it seems to be failing then it’s time to move on!

Don’t make her wait for your call: Lot of men believe in saying these words ‘I’ll call you!’ Just don’t say these words! First reason is you won’t remember and she will keep on waiting and the second reason is even if you remember don’t say it and just surprise her with your gesture. She will love it and this will make you stand out!

Get an assessment from a female friend: Dating is something wherein you need to be good but you don’t get any feedback (you only presume it) and you don’t even get to practice! So it is wise to discuss about your relationship with a female friend and have her opinion on how it went by describing her in detail. This will help you in improving and boosting your confidence.

Online dating opens up a handful of opportunities but you should know how to go about with the one you choose. This dating advice will help you in understanding the cutest side of her and falling for her lovely and pretty smile. So don’t fall prey to casual dating sites if you are one of those who are matured and want to settle down in your life. Looking for serious dating sites and registering at them should be your first step!


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