9 Questions To Ask A Guy On A First Date?

rygdthrfFirst dates can be horribly awkward. You picked out an amazing restaurant, the music is lovely and the food is divine, but the silence is ruining everything. Each bite of into the ravioli is interrupted by awkward smiles and glances at everyone else but your date. Here are a few questions to ask a guy on a first date that will break the ice, help you know him better and possibly guarantee a second date.

Which person living or dead has been the biggest influence in his life?

Do not go into this question looking for him to say Martin Luther King or Albert Einstein. The goal is to understand why the person means so much to him. A reveal like this puts him at ease because it is deeply personal and it allows you to develop rapport with him.

What cracks him up?

Laughter heals the soul and if you can make him laugh you have found the way to his heart. It could be a comedy he loves, or the hijinks his dog gets up to. If possible share a joke with him at this juncture. It’s one of those cute things to say to your boyfriend really.

His favorite place in the world?

Talking about his favorite place allows him to relive a memory he cherishes, and it gives you insight into the things that matter to him.

Who is his best friend?

The take away from this question is why. A guy’s best friend has influence on him, and they share a certain history that binds them together. Understanding that can help you get a picture of who he is.

His number one film?

Today we all talk about the latest Avenger’s film, or John Green book adaptation. Talking about his number one film while it gives some idea of who he is, it mostly just makes both of you comfortable and it keeps the questions from sounding very interrogation-ey.

How does he kill a free Saturday?

This will tell you if he is an extrovert or an introvert, whether he is mixing sounds on his digital Launchpad, reading Hamlet or out on some basketball court somewhere. Plus it tells you fo you similar interests.

His biggest goal at the moment?

Dates tell us if we are going to see a guy again or not. A guys goals should be central that assessment.

What is his calling in life?

A person’s calling in life tells you what they value and aspire to. If he wants to be a stand-up comedian or a Quantum physicist will give you a glimpse as to who he is on the inside.

What does he hate about dating?

This will lighten the mood and keep you from doing the anything that puts him off when you meet again.

Ultimately the questions to ask a guy on the first date should be about getting to know him better, reducing tension and creating an atmosphere of trust between the two of you. If you can do these things then it’s no longer a case of trying to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you. His answers will tell you if he’s into you.

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