8 Steps to Your Dream Engagement Party

You are finally engaged, and your friends, family members and workmates want to congratulate you. What other better way than throwing an engagement party? A party is the best way that you can get all of your loved ones together to congratulate you and your future spouse. On top of it all, it is also the best way that you can introduce the various key people in your lives that will be seeing more of each other. They might also in future be involved in planning your dream wedding. Aside from celebrating your achievement, an engagement party is also a way of bringing the different groups of friends as well as generations who will get to know each other and in a more intimate way. Not only do you want to have the wedding of your dreams but also the engagement party of your dreams as well. It will only be possible if you put some aspects into consideration ranging from the style and the people who will be present in it. Therefore to have your dream engagement party consider the following aspects:

Who will be the host?

It is the tradition for the bride’s parents to host the first official engagement celebrations and later on the groom’s parents can throw their own. You can also go with a less tradition option where both sets of parents come together to host the engagement event. Aside from the parents, friends of the couple can also volunteer to host.

When is the ideal time to have it?

It is ideal for your engagement party to come in within a few months of the proposal a period known as the sweet spot. This is the time between your carefree life and the beginning of a serious wedding planning. Some few months after the proposal is when you can start getting the invites out so as to give your guests a month’s notice. You do not want a few of them turning up due to late arrangements or communication.

The ideal location

An engagement party can work almost anywhere. All you require to know is the number of people that you are considering to invite so as to select the most appropriate place depending on space and the budget. There are so many ways of choosing an engagement party venue, for instance, you can decide to settle with the vibe that you want to create. For example, you ought to create or pass the idea that you are having a more elegant relationship; the best option to go with is renting out a private room at any restaurant, wine bar or even a country club. House, favorite local place or even your backyard can still be a better choice when you want something low-key.

Who gets the invitation?

According to the traditional ways, you are supposed to invite anyone who will be invited to your wedding. Anyways nowadays it is not a must; you can still have an informal engagement party where you invite people who are not even invited to the wedding.

How to make the invites

Feel free to consider making your invitations simple. As a matter of fact you can even opt for the digital invites or even decide on making them yourselves. Your main purpose is to have the best engagement party of your dreams therefore do not stress if still you have not decided on a color palette or you have not settled for a particular wedding date.

What should you serve?

Let’s face it; there is no need for a five-course meal in a four hour pub. The engagement party venue can help you to choose what to serve your guests. You can decide to serve your guest anything from appetizers to a family style buffet or you can also go with a casual cookout, all of this just work perfectly as long as you get to celebrate your engagement and have fun with your loved ones. You can get creative and go with the dishes that pass something across about you and your spouse for example.

Setting the scene

When you decide for a something more official or elegant, as this engagement party venue, you may want to make your décor and details to reflect your wedding theme and colors. But do not rush to choose just so that you party can match. For a formal wedding, go for a backyard party which has vibrant colors as well as an outdoor setting. Dress up any spaces with flowers with the help from your local florist.

Your dress code

It depends on the setting of the engagement party. For a bride do not be too obvious by wearing an evening gown to a backyard party, try not to outdo the look on your wedding day therefore just keep it simple but still make sure that you stand out. For the groom don’t wear a tux or a suit but make sure that you match your partner for the purpose of formality. If you have decided on a specific dress code for your guests, make sure to mention it on the invitations.

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