5 Qualities to Look for in Your Future Life Partner

gay coupleWhile the reasons we fall in love are often a mystery, the reasons we stay in love are far less elusive. There may be no such thing as the perfect partner, but an ideal partner can be found in someone who has developed themselves in certain ways that go beyond looks, charm and success. Although we each seek out a specific set of qualities that is uniquely meaningful to us as individuals, there are certain characteristics both you and your partner can strive for that will make the relationship much more likely to be a long-lasting success.

Marriage is a life-long commitment, so it is important that you find someone who's perfect for you. There is a common belief that marriages are made in heaven, but when it comes to selecting a life-partner it can't be left to destiny or luck, right? You need to make an effort to know the person better and ensure you have shared interests. Here are some qualities you should look for in your prospective partner.

  1. Do you share beliefs?

Regardless if you believe in God or Fairies, your partner should respect your views. Believing in the same things, like music as a religion, or having coffee as a non-negotiable morning breakfast brings you two closer.

  1. Can you teach each other something new?

Life together will be pretty boring if you can't learn from each other. It can be a lesson as small as how to bake chocolate chip cookies with Oreos stuffed in the middle (this has actually turned out to be an important life skill), or something more substantial, like how to use balance a checkbook. For me, this means he's well-versed in politics and will give me the Spark Notes version of White House current events. Let's also not forget there's an inherent good feeling when you teach someone a new fact or skill.

  1. Do they live life with integrity?

A person of integrity has a way of being in the world with a deep level of commitment to all the essential qualities necessary to a loving and successful relationship, like love, empathy, honesty, humor and fun, loyalty, generosity, flexibility, patience, and humility. Hopefully, we seek to be that person ourselves. And hopefully, we would never settle for anything less in a partner.

  1. Does they listen and are they emotionally responsive?

An important quality I would look for is whether your partner listens and is emotionally responsive to your needs. They should make home an emotionally safe place to express thoughts/feelings/needs and be responsive in a way that makes each other feel important and special, even in times of disagreement. Each person should treat the other with dignity and respect. Listening means caring about what the other wants to share and not putting them down or shutting them out. Each partner should respect the others feelings even if they are different from how one sees things.

  1. Do they show maturity and good sense of humor?

Maturity is one important quality you need to look for in your life partner. Each person should be mentally prepared to take on responsibilities of a family and should be capable of taking independent decisions during a time of crisis. Physical, emotional and intellectual maturity is the ingredients that will lead to the stability of a relationship in the future. It is important to find out how mature and mentally prepared one really is before getting hitched.Having a partner with good sense of humor will help ease your worries in difficult times. This gives one the courage to take things light-heartedly and adds zeal to a marriage. Believe it or not, when the going gets tough, a good sense of humor can carry you smoothly through rough situations. Life is so much fun when your partner has a good sense of humor and knows how to be there for you and put a smile on your face.


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