5 Easy Ways To Stay Faithful In Marriage


‘Staying faithful is easier than betrayal’, trust me!

Is it worth to look like a douche in the eyes of those whom you once vowed to love & cherish forever, that too for a single weak moment? No, it is the most pathetic feeling a person can experience. The overtly nice nature, lust-worthy physical appeal, or the sympathetic shoulder, is just an excuse that could have been rather overlooked. When your mind or body goes astray for somebody else other than your mate, the grounds are never your hormones or physical make but the choices that you make.

If you want to stay faithful and true to your partner and save yourself from the fleeting pleasure, which can drench you in incessant guilt, just remember the 5 simple ways that are cited below:

1. Prioritize Your Partner
Staying focused on your spouse and making them your priority is very important to downsize the possibility of involving in the uncalled & accidental affairs outside marriage. For avoiding temptations, first of all, defy yourself from hankering after the other sex, apart from your mate. If you have no control over your hormones then, steer clear of such situations. Likewise, avoid discussing your private or emotion side with somebody else besides your partner, as it can lead you to make the redundant comparisons and the ultimate betrayal.

2. Spice Up Romance
No one is immune to temptations; however, you can get rid of them by staying proactive in the marriage and keeping the romance on. By and large, the couples go off track when the romance sweeps away and the sex life become dreary. For avoiding this, spice up the romance and intimacy in the marriage by cuddling, sharing occasional kisses, gifting flowers, texting lovey-dovey messages, complementing the spouse, and having an active sex life. These small gestures strengthen the bond of marriage and make the partner feel wanted and loved at every hour.

3. Give Them Space
While everyone desires to stay with their loved ones all the time, still it is very important to give them some alone space. It doesn’t mean you are on Mars and your partner is on Venus; this privacy is to give you and your partner a little time to disconnect from the world, engage in the alone sort of things, and contemplate about the life. This allows you to appreciate the presence of your partner and the positive experiences of the marriage, which will serve in strengthening the relationship altogether.

4. Share Everything
While eyes express a thousand words, still it’s important to convey yourself verbally. Like you share your parents, room, belongings and money in the matrimonial alliance, you should also share your emotions, thoughts, and desires. Instead of taking each other for granted, take out some of your precious time to communicate about the mundane stuff, to the bothering issues. When you know your partner from inside out, it makes the communion strong and diminishes the probability of being unfaithful.

5. Spend Quality Time
Remember that old saying, “The couples who play together stay together”. It’s spot on correct. Instead of focusing on the partner, the home, work, and children takes the front seat, which eventually deadens the romance and calls for infidelity. By frequently going on the movie dates, long drives, candlelight dinners, hobby classes or a short trip, the couples can keep their romance fresh. This quality time, spent by doing stuff of mutual liking, reinforces the marriage and makes you treasure your partner even more.

Yes, seeking excitement through unfaithfulness is easier than keeping a marriage faithful and successful, however, the sadness on the faces of the spouse whom you promised to love and the family who looks up to you as their idol can give you a sinking feeling that is almost unbearable. On the contrary, you can choose to dedicate yourself to make your marriage stand every hurdle by putting in a bunch of efforts. And mate, this investment will be totally worth it. trust me!

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