3 Exercises for Couples, for a Sexually Active Relationship

A deeply satisfying sex life may not last forever. The passion you have while lovemaking may fade away with age. This can have an adverse effect on your relationship which is not desirable at all considering you love your partner not just for the sex but also for what he/she is as a person. But how will you bring back the glory days that you once had when you started dating? How will that sexual spark ignite once again? Here are a few couple exercises that you can try for a more sexually active relationship:

1. Breathing connection

Couples exercise for intimacy may seem silly at first, but they are very effective. You should keep an open mind to try it, and soon you will notice the long-lost spark coming back. In the breathing connection exercise, you need to sit across your partner and lean your forehead so that it touches lightly against your partner’s forehead. Both of you need to close your eyes and start breathing deeply. The recommended number of breaths per minute should be at least 7, but you can increase it if you can’t hold your breath for too long. One of the reasons why breathing connection works is it brings the affectionate touch back together, aligning it with rhythmic breathing. It improves the natural feelings of connectedness that leads to enhanced sex life.

2. Soul gaze

Remember the sexual enthusiasm you had when you first started dating? It isn’t uncommon for couples to feel sexually attracted to each other especially after the first few weeks of dating. The same holds true even for people who engage in virtual dates on sites like LOveSita. The profile photo of your match is enough to send shivers down your spine because you know this is going to be special.

You need to invoke that same feeling through this exercise. It is all about looking into your partner’s eyes and imagining the window into their soul. The more you look at his/her eyes, the more relaxed you feel. Try doing this for five minutes at least with light music on. It lets both of you regroup, and that can activate the pheromones leading to pleasurable sex life. Blinking is okay in this exercise, but don’t talk. It disrupts the connection between your eyes and soul.

3. 15 minutes of cuddling

Any intimate relationship lasts if you love the touch of your partner. But sometimes, couples tend to lose that affectionate touch, leading to dissatisfactory sex life. 15 minutes of cuddling is the easiest couple’s exercise where you need to spend quality time snuggling with your partner in bed or on the couch. Physical closeness is the hallmark of a sexually active relationship. It increases the kinetic energy, chemical reactions, and pheromones in your body that leads to a more satisfying time in bed. You can increase the duration from 15 minutes to half an hour, and then an hour before jumping into the act.

4. Two ears, one mouth

Many relationships fail to last because couples don’t listen to each other while the other speaks. This leads to a poor sex life because you are always annoyed with your partner. When this continues for a prolonged period, you may lose interest. But with the “two ears, one mouth” exercise, you can bring the intimacy back in your life and in your bed. It is an active listening exercise where one partner will talk or vent out his/her anger while the other must sit facing him/her without speaking anything. All you need to do is sit and listen. You can start with five minutes and then move on to ten or fifteen minutes if you want.

When couples can speak their heart out to each other, they feel relieved. It takes off a burden from their heart that makes them feel lighter. This builds up the long-lost intimacy that you missed so much. Try this exercise, and you will notice that you are focusing only on him/her while on the act, and not thinking about the yearly report you were asked to prepare by the end of the week!

Relationships don’t last if you assume that things will fall into place naturally, and love will happen without any effort. Both of you need to work towards the goal of a happier relationship which is a combination of both mental and physical connection.

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