10 Kissing Styles that Women Hate-a “Tutorial” for Guys :)

The power of the perfect kiss? Women are amazed by good kissers and turned off by mediocre kissers no matter how sexy or attractive the guy might be. It was theorised that a woman can have a decision on a guy’s style and appearance within the five minutes of a date. a woman can’t get past a bad kiss. However, no matter how horrible a guy is when kissing a woman, he will almost never give back when it comes to have sex with her if he is presented with such opportunity. On the other side of spectrum, a good kiss can make wonders. It establishes strong bounds between a man and a woman and ultimately both are happy and satisfied. Women tend to remember the memory of a kiss lifetime long and a kiss can make or break a connection in the end.

But let’s see what makes a kiss a bad experience for a woman? Men, please behave and pay attention so you never make the same mistakes again 🙂

1. The sloppy kiss

sloppy kiss

This is a self-explanatory kiss and sometimes it can be wrongly perceived by women when you try to fit the entire bottom-half of her face with your lusty kiss.

2. Way too wet

wet kiss

Women are not happy about getting the slobber spread all over the face and chin so they have to wipe off afterwards. Women want passion rather than feeling in front of a sprinkler.

3. The snake

lizard kiss

It is really disgusting for a woman to feel your tongue shooting in and out like a lizard’s or a snake’s tongue.

4. The biter

biting lips

Even though biting her lips is a sexy thing, sometimes it becomes annoying, she would think you want to eat her face.

5. The vacuum

vacuum kiss

A horrible kissing style that women hate. Imagine you are holding a small vacuum machine in your hand and stick your lips on it. You would feel it sucking all your air from your mouth and face. Same sensation is experienced by women. So it is an awful experience.

6. Too much tongue


Too much tongue when kissing make women to give up. Not using too much force or tongue is recommended.

7. Super-soft French kiss

perk kiss

On contrast of using your tongue too much is the super-soft French kiss. It can become boring for some women who are looking for more than getting perked without a deeper kiss.

8. Breathless kiss

breathless kiss

A good kiss is not meant to leave a women breathless. Let her enjoy kissing you and, the most important, let her breath.

9. The porn kiss

porn kiss

Not all women are turned on by kisses like in porn movies. Don’t do that unless you know your partner or ask her is she wants to reiterate scenes from porn movies you like.

10. The “Fish Kiss” style


Don’t open your mouth like a fish with no movement, no tongue, no gesture other than waiting for something to happen. Take initiative and act. Based on this, you may want to have or lose her forever.

So, guys, do your best and try to avoid all of these kissing styles especially if you are dating her for the first time. Like in sex, kissing means interaction and should involve give-and-take. Leave her the opportunity to act too.

If you have any questions, please ask below!