10 Different Kinds of Kisses and their Meanings

A kiss is the universally accepted act of expressing love. Almost every one of us gives or receives a kiss at some point in our life. Well, a kiss is not only meant for lips or cheeks. Depending on your relationship with someone, you can plant a kiss on any part their body. Every kiss is the talk of the soul and that is why each kiss has a meaning different from the other.

Given in this article are ten different kinds of kisses. Read on to know what they mean:

  • The Forehead Kiss: This kiss implies that both of you are just friends. A forehead kiss is generally planted to show one's deep affection for someone. Many people use it as a starter too!


  • The Hand Kiss: This kiss happens when a person grasps your hand using his/her fingers and kisses the back of your palm. A hand kiss demonstrates adoration, respect and kindness.

hand kiss

  • The Eskimo Kiss: The Eskimo kiss involves rubbing one's nose against the other back and forth. This kiss is commonly used by parents to show affection to their children.

Eskimo kiss

  • The Single-Lip Kiss: This kind of kiss involves gently sucking a person's lip. In single-lip kiss, take any of your lover's lips, sandwich it between yours and suck it gently. This kiss signifies love and romance.

single lip kiss gay

  • The French Kiss: Also known by the name tongue kiss, the French kiss is one of the most romantic kisses. In this, a person's tongue subtly touches another person's tongue. Although this kiss is very easy to execute, it may take several years to master it perfectly.


  • The Ear Lobe Kiss: This kiss involves taking a person's earlobe between your lips and tugging up and down. Something that conveys profound love and affection!

Ear Lobe Kiss

  • The Cheek Kiss: This is a closed-mouth kiss on a person's cheek. This adorable kind of kiss can be used to pass a friendly greeting, to flirt or to bid goodbye to a loved one.
  • The Prolonged Kiss: The Prolonged kiss is a closed-mouth kiss which lasts for more than 15 seconds. This kiss involves the lips only. Something that indicates deep love!


  • The Neck Kiss: As the name says, this is kissing a person's neck. Most couples love doing the neck kiss after a French kiss. Remember to keep the saliva ‘light' to carry this type of kiss appropriately. Just use your lips and never suck hard as this will produce more saliva from your mouth. A neck kiss represents intimacy, eroticism etc.

Neck Kiss

  • The Jaw Line Kiss: This kissing is only meant for people who are very close to each other so, never try it on someone you just met. The Jaw-line kiss involves a kiss on the lower side of someone's jaw. It is pleasurable to perform this kissing after the French Kiss.

The Jaw Line Kiss

All these kisses are great to perform on Kiss Day (i.e. on 13th of February). If you are single, go for a cheek kiss or a hand kiss for your friends. If you are in a love relationship, choose from French, neck or jaw line kiss (or any other according to your taste).


If you have any questions, please ask below!