Back To School Home Safety Tips For Children

The school year is just getting started up and now is the time to make sure that home is safe. Having children call their parents as soon as they arrive or leave the house, can put the parents at ease, while also letting the children know that their parents are always just a phone call or text message away. Implementing this type of behavior can carry on into the later teen years, when the children leave the house more often.


What is the best way to keep intruders out, but to avoid kids getting locked out of the house? Investing in a good locks set or security system. Some statistics say that over 50% of break-ins happen through unlocked doors. By taking a few additional steps, a house can become a much safer place, for both kids and adults.

Changing the Locks

Changing the locks to a keyless entry is a step to ensure that a child will never misplace a key and will never get locked out of house. There are systems such as the Smart Code 10 Touch screen and Kevo Smart Lock. The Smart Code system utilizes a four-digit code, while the Kevo Smart Lock can be unlocked using a smartphone or a key fob that simply has to touch the keyhole. Always checking the locks before leaving is a great habit for parents. Locking all windows and exterior doors, as well as placing a rod in the track of a sliding glass door, can be an added security measure.

Implement a Routine

Implementing a routine with children may also leave both parents and the kids more secure. Turning on lights and television as soon as they get home is a good practice, this makes any potential intruders aware that someone is home. In addition to this, talking to children about how to answer the phone, or a stranger who knocks on the door when their parents are not at home, is extremely important.

Sometimes, children may say something that means that their parents are not at home, without realizing it. Knowing that children will be home alone for some time, parents should be sure to put away any cleaning chemicals or sharp objects, for the children’s safety. They should also put away any valuable objects in a safe place.

Keep the Kids Informed

There should be a place that the kids know to look for in emergency situations. It should include parents’ work and cell phone numbers, the number of a family doctor and that of a close neighbor or relative. This list should be accessible in case of a crisis, such as an intrusion or an accident of some sort. Practicing the use of alarm systems with children is necessary as well, in order to make sure that there are no accidental calls to the security company, but the children will know how to react when they are in danger.

Just a few extra steps taken each day, can improve the safety of a home dramatically. There will always be events out of our control, but taking precaution against them can set a home up for many years of happiness

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