Baby Shower Bliss – The 7 Must-Have Gifts For New Parents


There is an unspoken etiquette to baby shower gift-giving, which appears to make a show of the gift – it’s all in the presentation people! Whilst a gift certificate may be useful, this shower isn’t just about spoiling the new mum – it’s about the spectacle and the fun.

This is one occasion where there is no such thing as ‘over the top’. While gifts needn’t break the bank, guests should think seriously about the presentation, usefulness, and originality of their offering.

This is even further exaggerated for grandparents, with many competing to find them a gift that exceeds expectations and will be front and centre in the new baby’s life for the foreseeable future.

Forget that giant stuffed bear that will just make the new parents groan inwardly; instead look for gifts which are on-trend, functional and highly coveted.

Walking wisdom


Stylish, versatile prams which can adapt and grow with baby are the hot ticket item for new parents. Narrow bodies, lightweight and flexible enough to adapt to car seats, carry cots and grow with the child are now in demand.

Car and carry

travel system

One of the greatest pains for new parents is waking a baby to transfer them from the car to the pram and back again. It always seems that as soon as you have them asleep, you must disrupt them and risk the aftermath of crying and fractiousness. A pram which is travel system compatible makes an ideal gift for parents on the go.

Gift basket

Gift basket

Buy a huge cheap basket and some cellophane, then start shopping. Disposable nappies are always in-demand, so pad the basket with these and top it off with more attractive items such as:

  • Pink or blue teddy
  • Baby rattle
  • Mobile
  • Colourful toys

Many companies offer baby hamper services but check that they are full of useful items and not just fillers. Better still build one yourself and perhaps include a spa or massage voucher for mum.

Baby bean bag

Baby bean bag

Why did nobody think of this sooner? The baby bean bag is specifically designed to cradle baby, moulding to their body and creating a soft womb-like experience. They come with a waist harness to keep baby securely in position.

A word of caution – never place a baby in a bean bag not specifically designed for them.

Sound machine

Sound machine

What exactly is a baby sound machine, you may well ask. This clever little device may just be the answer to a prayer for parents everywhere. Based on studies which show that a quiet nursery is stark contrast to the noisy environment of the womb and the artificial creation of white noise soothes and lulls a baby to sleep.

Do some research and recommend to mum that she doesn’t leave it too close to baby’s sensitive ears.

Carry sling

Carry sling

These wonderful devices have been around in many forms for centuries, and for good reason. Called a range of names including mei tais, wraps and slings, the front baby carrier keeps mums and dads hands free while keeping baby close to their body.

Some are more structured with a harness and padded support but all work as both a bonding experience and a convenient way to get things done.

Smart monitor

Smart Monitor

It was only a matter of time… a baby monitor which links up with your iphone to keep baby in sight at all times. They even have the capacity for the camera to pan the room with the swipe of a finger.

Any one of the above items can pretty much guarantee your gift will be the hit of the baby shower. Check with the parents-to-be to make sure they don’t already have one but if they do, there are plenty more great ideas on the list to choose from.

If you have any questions, please ask below!