9 Birthday Gifts for Kids on Their First Birthday

Birthdays are always special; they bring excitement and memories to cherish for life. But when it comes to the first birthday of your little bundle of joy, things are even more unique and enjoyable. Every parent tries to do the best for their kids, something they also try to do out of the box things to make the day most memorable.

Personal taste and likes matter a lot when it comes to birthdays, but when it comes to the first birthday of your child, then you have to be very particular how you do it. Apart from doing all the celebrations, decoration or throwing a party the gift that you will give your young one matter a lot. Parents put in a lot of time, energy and of course, money into buying the best birthday gift.

Nowadays almost every parent tries to give the unique gift to the child. Some prefer customised gifts like feeders or strollers with their child’s image printed on it while other buy product that their child can use for a long time, and then safe keep them as memories and momentous.

Here are some excellent unique products for kids that you can use as birthday gift ideas for your child’s first birthday. These gifting ideas are unique and will surely help you have some enjoyable time and everlasting memories with it.

  1. Wearable blankets: these are some cute and adorable blankets in the shape of fish, dolls and teddies even some famous cartoon characters. Such quilts are perfectly shaped, and your chained can comfortably wear them and keep warm as well. The best thing is that with these blankets you don’t have to keep coming back to your child to make them wear it again. Your child can slip into in and take a warm good night’s sleep. You can customise these blankets with your child’s name or image as a perfect first birthday present.
  2. Beach towels: now if you love water, and so does your child, these amazingly crafted beach towels are the ideal pack of cuteness for your little one. Shaped like goldfish, shark, and other sea creatures, the bathrobe comes with a hoodie. Make beach and waters more fun as your little bundle of joy with look adorable in these bathrobes.
  3. Baseball bat: yes, let your little one fall in love with this spirited game when you present him. A baseball bat. Customised to suit the height of your child the baseball bat is lightweight and child safe. You can get it engraved with some message for your child to remind him of your love and fond memories.
  4. Keep safe box: surely your child will now like to keep their favourite stiffs for themselves. Gift them this keep the safe box where they can keep their secret stuff safely. You can get the box engraved or printed with your child’s name or photo to make it even more special.
  5. Silver bangle: buy this fantastic bangle or bracelet made of silver for your baby. In a particular part of the word silver metal is considered precious and spiritual that helps safely keep your child. You can get the bracelet engraved with your child’s name and date of birth as a reminder of your love for your child.
  6. Pillow Tooth fairy: tooth fairy will now be a part of your child’s growing age for some time. Teach your child all about the tooth fairy as they become with this incredible tooth fairy pillow.
  7. Birthstone charm necklace: a perfect first birthday gift is a birthstone charm necklace customised with your child’s name. Your little baby will grow up with this beautiful necklace and all the charm of the birthstone making their luck shine on them.
  8. Piggy bank: gifting piggy banks as your child’s birthday present will not only be a gift but a lesson for life. Teach your child the importance of money and savings since early childhood with customised piggy banks.
  9. Night out tent house: kids love tent houses. There are plenty of tents in shape of castle, Ninja house, tree house and even lions den. You can choose the be your child will love to hide out, and embed their names on it.

So, I guess this list of birthday gifts will help you a lot to pick the best gift for your child’s first birthday.

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