10 Unique Gift Ideas for Newborns

One of the most exciting times of one’s life is the birth of a baby. Such a time comes with so many preparations. There’s not just the excitement of the coming baby. It’s much more than that even if the major share of all the thrill stems from there. Endless rounds of shopping, deciding what you should get for your newborn, all the things that the latest family member would require. Quite frankly, it can get emotional. Not just that, but it can also get challenging in particular if it is someone’s first time welcoming a child.

In the same way, deciding what to get the baby of the house something is also a tough task for friends and other family members. If you’re someone who has yet to decide what to get for a friend’s child, we’re sure you have an idea of how cumbersome the buying process can be. What if the parents have already bought what you have in mind? What if the child won’t need it?

The questions attached are endless. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for newborns.

Baby care kit

A newborn’s skin is sensitive. While the parents are busy in the preparations of buying clothes and diapers for their baby, they might forget purchasing a baby care kit. Such a kit typically includes baby lotion, baby oil, baby shampoo, and such other items. These products are specifically made for babies, sans any chemicals and allergens. Definitely a useful gift option.

A hamper full of toys

Toys that are specifically made for newborns can make for a helpful gift. Soft toys, BPA-free hand-held toys, music box, etc. can soothe the baby. This hamper full of toys will be useful for long. You can also buy a basket and fill in toys of your own choice to make the gift more special. Make sure that the toys you choose are free of toxins or sharp edges that can harm the child in any way.

Baby outfit

There’s no such thing as enough clothes! Not even for babies. And when it comes to a baby’s wardrobe, every outfit is unique. You can buy a baby romper or a night dress for the mini bundle of joy using a coupon or promo code to fetch it at a discounted price. This way, you can save money when gifting and perhaps, buy another small gift too.

Boba Wrap

We’re not kangaroos with pockets sewn into our skins for carrying babies. But carrying a child in one’s hands all day long can, not only tire the mum but it can also keep her hands busy from doing any other work. A Boba wrap can be helpful. It keeps the baby secure and attached to the mum along with allowing her to keep her hands free. It would surely make for a great gift.

Baby socks

A set of socks will also make for an incredible gift! You see, the parents may have forgotten about the socks while buying the basics such as baby outfits and those cute little baby shoes. Baby socks are even more important when the baby’s family lives in a cold country. The socks will help keep those tiny feet covered and protected.

Baby blanket

Here’s another amazing gift idea for newborns. These little munchkins are too small for mum and dad’s super huge blanket. So, they of course need their own set. While the parents of the baby would have already bought such necessities, it would be a good gift because babies are pros at making a mess of things. The extra blankets that you gift would definitely come in handy.

Baby nail clippers

A baby can look all peaceful but don’t underestimate the little package’s nails! Parents have a very hard time keeping those clipped because it is daunting to cut off nails from such tiny hands. A baby nail clipper set can be of help. This gift would not only remind the parents of having to cut off their new little member’s nails but would also help them do so safely.

A customized journal

Parents love the record all the memories of their little star. They don’t only love photographing their newborn, but they would also love to remember important milestones. For instance, when their baby says his or her first word, or learns how to take the first few steps. A customized journal that reads the baby’s name and birth details on the cover would be a great gift in this regard.


Here’s a gift that can serve the new parents in more ways than one. A Dokatot keeps the baby in place which is an important concern for parents. Kids can play, rest or sleep in these multifunctional mattress lookalikes. Go for a soft one that is easy to keep clean. One that is made using non-toxic materials and is of a lightweight material which is breathable.


Diaper bags can be expensive to consider even for the parents. A ToteSavvy can make any bag into a diaper bag; a quality that makes it even more useful. It helps keep all the baby essentials organized. Because, let’s admit it, not only are diaper bags costly, they cannot be taken along to parties either. A ToteSavvy adjusted inside a tote bag? A way better option.

Summing up, purchasing a unique baby gift can be a mind-boggling experience. But it doesn’t have to be. There are several creative ideas that you can use. If you are skilled at sewing, you can even make some of these things yourself. Do you have any other unique gift ideas for newborn babies? Tell us in the comments!

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