10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas under £10

The festive period is fast approaching and so is the deadline to get your office secret Santa gifts. How stressful! Not only do we have to find a fantastic present that's under £10, but you may have drawn your boss's name from the hat. So many things could go wrong!

Fear not as here are several fun and unique gifts that will be perfect for both your colleagues and boss. The best bit is that they're in the price range!

If you drew the name of the passive aggressor in the office, this is the perfect gift for them. We all know one! They like to groan and grumble giving their own commentary on the shortcomings of life, whether it's the price of a pint these days or how many crisps you actually get in a bag; their gripes are generally amusing to everyone else. The Grumpy Old Gits to Life is a celebration of moody moaners everywhere.

The Grumpy Old Gits Guide To Life

Buy it here for £6.99

If your secret Santa draw is a massive "Richard", this could be the mug of his dreams. It's the perfect present to express your love and appreciation for that most endearing of colleagues.

ICK mug

Buy it here for £8.00

With the winter weather getting colder, anyone who likes to work on the move will appreciate these touchscreen gloves. They're warm, convenient and unisex. (BONUS: You can choose from 8 different colours)

Touchscreen gloves

Buy it here for £0.94

Going to the loo at work can be really boring, especially if you don't have your smart phone to scroll through. No longer with this ‘Crap Jokes Toilet Roll'. If your friend is constantly off to the loo, this gift will guarantee to get their stomach in knots in a more positive way.

Crap Jokes Toilet Roll

Buy it here for £4.99

What is blue, has eight legs and can turn water into tea? That's right, the Octeapus! If there's not enough tea in China for your co-worker get them this. Simply add your loose leaf tea inside and take out the Octeapus when your brew is ready. It'll be a well-used addition to their desk.


Buy it here for £8.00

Ever used the phrase ‘wash your mouth out with a bar of soap?' You can now accompany that empty threat with this ‘anti swearing soap'. There's always one person in every office who relishes expletives and this is the gift for them.

Miracle cure for swearing soap

Buy it here for £2.39

If you know the person you're buying a present for has pilfering housemates, kids or partners, get them this wine lock. Similar to a bike lock, when you spin the thumbwheels the seal expands making it impossible for people to ‘have a cheeky glass' without you knowing.

Wine Lock

Buy it here for £9.95

Do you have a co-worker that always talks about how they're ‘never going to find a boyfriend' or that ‘all guys are the same'? Well that conversation will be over if you get them this ‘Sculpt Your Own Perfect Boyfriend' kit. It includes a guide that teaches you how to design 25 different boyfriends. There's no better gift for the lonely hearts out there!

Sulpt Your Own Boyfriend

Buy it here for £9.95

And finally we bring you nothing! Literally… this gift is called Nothing. Nothing is for the worker that has everything. When they open the wrapping you can sit back and wait for them to be enthralled when nothing happens.


Buy it here for £4.99

We hope you enjoyed our blog and are now able to find a Secret Santa present for your lucky chosen co-worker.

BONUS: If you were unlucky enough to draw your boss's name don't panic! We have the perfect gift for you, the ‘Oh Great! I got the boss in Secret Santa' mug.

Oh Great I Got My Boss In The Secret Santa

Buy it here for £6.95

We hope this blog has made Secret Santa present buying a breeze. Enjoy the free office party Prosecco!

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