10 Must Know Pregnancy Pillow Benefits

ferfrefefweExpecting a baby is the best feeling women can have, but this happiness brings with it too much discomfort as pregnancy proceeds. A general uneasiness common during pregnancy in every expecting mother is sleeplessness.

“Growing baby in your womb and physical and hormonal changes in the body makes every expecting mother sleep deprived; although this sleeplessness is a common symptom from second trimester onwards, few might experience discomfort while sleeping since early pregnancy,” say experts.

Cramps in legs, back pains, heaviness in the breath, posture problem and moreover constant kicks and knock you keep getting from your baby makes sleeping even more difficult.

Worried? Well, there is all the reason to worry though. But there is good news. Now you can get back your happy sleep days even when pregnant!

I shall help you get back your sleep during pregnancy. Keep reading to find out!

How? Pregnancy Pillow! Yes, that is the answer to your sound and comfort sleep. The pregnancy pillow is on the rise with expecting moms, as it allows you to sleep even with your growing belly, comfortably.

What is pregnancy pillow?

Well, most pregnancy pillows are extra-extra large size, almost the extent that it can surround you from all sides. Mainly pregnancy pillows are available in U-shape, but there are pillows of other shapes as well. These pillows are incredibly comfortable and provide full support to your body, back and legs thereby allowing you to get a good sleep.

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Now while answering you as to why pregnancy pillows are must-haves for pregnant women, I have a list of benefits that will help you understand it.

  1. Reduces your anxiety level: A significant reason for mothers getting less sleep is there cautiousness on their posture. Mothers are always worried about accidentally hurting or laying pressure on their unborn due to shifting posture while sleeping. A pregnancy pillow provides you full body support, from neck to entire left side and right side of body. So even if you change your posture during sleep, your body will be supported by the pillow avoiding any unwanted pressure in your growing womb. Thus relaxing your mind to sleep.
  1. Full body support for complete relaxation: Almost every pregnant woman complains of leg cramps, back pain, neck and shoulder pain along with utter discomfort while sleeping. The pregnancy pillow has ergonomic design that provides full support to all body parts. Use of the pregnancy pillow will help you to sleep in half-feral position that is considered to be the best position to sleep during pregnancy. The cushion allows support and releases pressure from the spine, his and back thus reducing pain and discomfort.
  2. Helps to improve blood circulation: Improved blood circulation is vital for the growing baby and the mother as well. Doctors suggest moms to lie on their left side while sleeping to allow appropriate blood circulation. The pregnancy pillow helps in improving blood circulation by providing comfort while mother rests on their left side during their entire pregnancy. Imagine yourself sleeping on your left side for months, it’s painful, but thanks to this pillow pregnant women feel comfortable sleeping in the same position throughout.
  1. Emotional support to maintain heart rate: Due to hormonal and physical changes an expecting mothers undergoes tremendous emotional turmoil leading to increased heart rate. They constantly need support and care from family and friends. Adding to this a pregnancy pillow is like a huge hug that comforts and soothes. Imagine if you can cuddle and hug something anytime you want, it calms you with its excellent grip providing you emotional support; thus helping in lowering your heart rate to normal.
  2. Relaxes your tensed muscles: The pregnancy pillow is like a body pillow that provides sufficient support to entire body. It helps in relaxing the tensed body muscles with its comfortable design and material quality.
  1. Helps to elevate feet: Some women complain of discomforting ache in legs. Doctors prescribe to keep the feet’s raised or elevated through support to relax. The pregnancy pillow can be used to lift the feet with proper support relieving you of leg cramps or discomfort.
  1. Controls your snoring: A pregnancy pillow allows you to sleep in a right posture thus controls your snoring.
  1. It can reduce heartburn: Heartburns are very common in pregnancy, the ergonomic design of the pillow maintain a good body balance helping in reducing heartburn.
  1. Allergy-free material: The pregnancy pillows are made from a top quality hypoallergenic material that reduces the chances of catching any allergy or even skin rashes during pregnancy.
  1. Useful even after childbirth: The pregnancy pillow can be used as support while you feed your newborn. It can also be used to safeguard your child while he sleeps on bed.

So, for all those expecting mothers this is the best thing that can help you bring back your good night sleep. While for expecting fathers this can be the perfect gift for your wife and the coming baby.

If you have any questions, please ask below!