When is the Best Time to Install a Roof in Macomb County?

Homeowners get their roofs installed all the year around. However, some particular times turn out to be more suitable for roof installation than others. You must possess the information and details regarding each season in Macomb County to ensure that you get your roof installed at the best and suitable time.

Here are some of the guidelines regarding each season which can help you decide the best time for your roof installation.

  • Winter Season

Winter season is certainly not a suitable time to get a roof installed in Macomb County. Your roof goes through a lot of wear and tear during the winter due to heavy winds, hail, and snow storms. In addition to that, the extremely cold temperature ends up making your roof brittle and hard.

If you try to replace your shingles in this season, they might get cracked during the installation process. Even the professional roofers prefer not to work in winters as the hand tools are hard to grab and operate by then. Moreover, the sealants which are applied may not be able to keep things stick together when it’s cold outside.

  • Spring Season

Spring is a better and recommended season for your roof installation. Since your roof would have been through excessive damages in winter like clogged gutters, damaged shingles, cracked ventilation, leakages, and so much more, you need to address these issues as soon as possible. If you keep delaying and don’t control the problems in their earlier stages, you might end up facing even more severe damages.

You can hire the professionals to inspect your roof in this season to get done with the roof repair in Macomb County Michigan. However, you need to ensure that you don’t waste money on unnecessary damage repairs which could only be solved through the roof replacement.

  • Summer Season

Homeowners tend to generalize and assume that the whole summer season is probably the best time to install a roof. However, you need to remember that only the beginning of summer in Macomb County is recommended for the roof installation after which the temperature reaches its highest point.

Most of the roofing companies and contractors would be ready to offer their services even during extremely hot weather. But it is not wise to hire the roofing services in this season. It would not only affect the health of the workers but also the longevity of your roofing material.

During the installation process, there are high chances that most of the roofing shingles like asphalt shingles would get soften. It would decrease the durability and stability of the material. If the installation is not done properly due to the highest temperature, the roof shingles are more likely going to crack or collapse sooner.

  • Fall Season

The fall season is considered to be the best season of the year during which the workers can work longer and better. Since the temperature is mild during fall, the installation process becomes easier. The sealants you apply on the shingles also help in keeping them stick together firmly in order to prepare them for the upcoming challenging seasons.

However, most of the professional roofing companies and contractors would be occupied during this most wanted time of the year. So, it is recommended to pre-book your contractor beforehand by carrying out a proper hiring process. It would also save you from getting panic and frustrated at the end of the day.

  • In emergency situations

It is important to keep the suitable and best time of the year in your mind to get a durable and high-quality roof over your head. But in case of emergency situations like uncontrollable leakages, chances of roof collapse, and flooding or stagnant water, you need to talk to your trustworthy contractor instantly to inspect your roof and carry out the further process as he suggests.

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