When Is It Time to Call a Windows Replacement Company?

Windows make your house a home. They serve many purposes; everything from keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer to soundproofing and bringing light into your house. However, even the best windows wear out eventually. How do you know when it’s time to replace your windows?

It’s time to call a specialized company for windows replacement when seals are broken, the glass is cloudy or foggy or there’s constant condensation on the glass. If any part of the glazing gets cracked, your windows need to be replaced. If the window frames are deteriorating or you’re feeling a cold draft coming from the windows, it’s also time to replace them.

Knowing when to replace your windows is important, but that’s not all you should know about replacing windows. Consider some vital information important to all homeowners when it comes to replacement windows.

How Much Will It Cost To Install A Window?

Window replacement costs vary depending on what type of windows you need for your home. Consider some average costs of different types of windows:

  • Double-hung windows – ($250-750) This type of window slides open from the top and bottom and then tilts out.
  • Single hung windows – ($100-$400) The top of these windows stay in place, but the bottom slides open and tilts inward so you can clean the glass more easily.
  • Sliding windows (-$300-$800) These windows slide open horizontally.
  • Bay windows – ($1200-$3000) A bay window pushes out from one wall of a room.
  • Casement windows – ($275-$650) These windows hang by side hinges and open outward.
  • Large picture windows – ($300-$850) Picture windows don’t open, used for view and letting light inside.
  • Awning windows – ($350-$600) This type of window has top hinges, the windows open outward.
  • Transom windows – ($250-$475) This window is decorative, usually above a door or window.
  • Basement windows – ($100-$250) Smaller windows used in basements.

Other costs you may have when you get window replacement include:

  • Structural damage to the window can cause your costs to go up
  • The window installation crew needs to build out an existing window frame
  • Hard to reach windows are more costly
  • Windows sometimes need metal capping wrapped around the trim
  • If there’s lead found in the window area, there’s an increase in cost of labor
  • General window installation labor costs vary from company to company

How Long Does It Take To Install A Window?

A window installation company can replace windows quickly. A skilled window installer can install 12 to 15 windows a day. These other factors can affect how long it will take to install your new replacement windows.

  • Experience of installer
  • How many windows you need installed
  • Where the windows are being installed
  • Whether the windows are easily accessible to the installer
  • How much damage there is to the areas around the old window
  • Rules of your HOA about window installation

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Windows?

Your new windows are beautiful, but how long will they last? The life of your windows will depend upon the materials from which they’re made:

Wood windows-Homeowners often like the look of wooden windows, but wood doesn’t last long. Wood window life expectancy is generally 10-20 years. Wood windows can absorb moisture which rots the wood. If the wood windows aren’t replaced soon enough, they may then mold and mildew. To maintain your wood windows, paint them every 3-5 years. Wood windows have the shortest life of the three types of window materials.

Aluminum-Aluminum windows last longer than wood, around 20 to 25 years. The downside of aluminum is that they dent easily. If you live where there’s windstorms or hail, you might not want aluminum windows. Also, moisture can affect aluminum windows. They don’t rot like wood windows, but they can corrode. If you buy aluminum windows, you will need to wipe them down when they sweat to prevent corrosion.

Vinyl– These windows last the longest of the three types of available residential windows. Vinyl windows can last from 30 to 40 years with little maintenance needed. These windows are moisture resistant. They don’t warp or rot or rust. You will never need to paint them, and they don’t dent or scratch.

What Are Double-glazed Windows?

Double-glazed means the window has two planes of glass. If your windows have double panes, they often have insulated glass. Double-paned windows provide better insulation against cold in the winter and heat in summer. Today, double-glazed windows are standard for all windows in new houses and new windows replacements.

Double-glazed Windows

Related Questions

Can a window installation company replace my windows in the winter?

Typically, the best time to replace your windows is when the weather is warm. Installing windows when it’s cold will let cold air into your house. Also, in the winter, the caulk used to seal the windows won’t dry as caulk works best in 40 to 80-degree temperatures. Silicone caulk is more versatile, but even with this, it may not go on as smoothly or evenly as it does in warmer temperatures.

Another issue with cold weather window installation is contracting the window materials. Caulk can crack or split from this contracting of the windows. If it’s too hot outside, the caulk won’t work. Temperatures above 80 aren’t the best for window installation.

Is it worth the cost to replace windows when selling?

If you plan to sell your home but the windows need to be replaced it might be worth investing the extra cost. Replacing your windows isn’t cheap, but you will get back what you invested in the sale of your house. New windows enhance the aspect of your property while old windows are a drawback.

Can I replace my own windows?

Replacing your windows requires carpentry skills. This is not something that most homeowners are able to do, but if you think you are skilled enough and want to try it, here are some things to consider:

  • It’s not easy for homeowners to buy replacement windows but there are a few online sites that sell residential windows to homeowners.
  • It’s a big job if you’re not experienced at installing windows. Professional installers do this every day. Count the cost before taking on this project.
  • You will need special tools to install your windows.
  • You’re responsible if the windows aren’t installed properly. When you hire a window installation company, they will replace or repair any windows that leak or frames that get cracked.

If you have any questions, please ask below!