What You Need to Know Before Getting a New Fence

pool-fenceFencing – the art of enclosing a space, not of scoring points and scars with a blade – is not quite as simple as setting up a few pickets of wood or opting for a lightweight chicken wire fence for arbitrary reasons.

Security is a major issue as well. As per SafeWise, over 5,000 burglaries happen daily in the United States. And as per Getting Safe, over 80% of burglars look for (and avoid) security measures and systems before attempting to rob a home.

Why Do You Want a Fence?

There are several reasons to nab yourself a fence. The first step to figuring out which one to go for is understanding why you need one in the first place. Here are a few reasons you may want to get a fence:

1. You want the privacy: Right off the bat, one of the biggest reasons to install a fence is to keep away from prying eyes. Most of us don’t want to expose our own lives to the rest of the world without permission – a dense fence can help us keep a peace of mind when we just want to relax in our backyard, workout, or take a swim in the pool.

2. For security purposes: Security can be a matter of keeping things in (pets, specifically) or out (intruders, wild animals, etc.). Many fence options are perfect for privacy – think dense picket fencing or aluminum/PVC options – but these may not necessarily work for security purposes. That’s where electric fencing, heavy-duty chain link fencing or spiked wrought iron fencing can work.

3. Trouble with the neighbors: Fencing your home off from the neighbors may be the last resort in a long line of unsuccessful diplomatic efforts. Whether it’s your neighbor’s kids getting too rowdy with the ball, or a pet crossing over into your yard over and over again, getting a fence is a simple option to solve your problems.

4. Local wildlife is getting out of hand: If you live out in the countryside, you may be making an effort to grow some of your own food to cut out the need for the comforts of the supermarket. At the same time, maintaining a food garden or your own pen of chicken can be tough when you’ve got to deal with wild rabbits and foxes. However, not all wildlife is immediately a bad thing – badgers, for example can either be a blessing or a pest as per Wildlife Gardener, depending on the frequency of their visits.

5. You’ve already got a fence, but probably not for long: If you’re fond of your fence, but fear it’s entering the final stages of its lifetime, then it may be time for a replacement. You could opt for the same option, or switch to something different.

You don’t necessarily have to have a single unified reason to get a fence. You might want both security and privacy. You may want aesthetically good choices, and something practical. The key is knowing what you want most of all and choosing based on those priorities.

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