What to Know When Replacing Windows

Windows are important elements of all homes, and replacing your windows can be a great way to improve the look of your home. However, windows are expensive, and homeowners will want to take steps to ensure that they pick the perfect windows for their homes. Here are five questions to ask your contractor before making a decision.

housewindowsWhat Will You Replace?

On newer homes, it may be possible to do what is known as a pocket replacement. When using this technique, the frame is left intact but the window is changed. In some cases, contractors will perform a full-frame replacement. This technique involves changing the frame as well as the window. Ensure they are able to do the type of replacement you want in your home.

Lead Concerns?

Lead was a common element of new frames through the 1970s, and older homes will require that contractors are certified for dealing with potential lead problems. Before choosing one, make sure that their employees are prepared and certified to deal with any lead problems that arise during your window replacement.

Color Options?

In the past, it was difficult to find windows that were not beige or white. Today, various colors can be used for almost any building materials. Before contacting your contractor, determine what color you want your window frame to be. Done correctly, a colorful frame can accent your room and make it stand out. Because of this, it may be wise to think about other renovations when it comes time to replace your windows.

Artistic Touches

In addition to providing more colors than ever before, modern window designs can be used to accent interior design in a number different ways. Those looking for modern design features may prefer windows with solid, simple frames; those who prefer a rustic look may wish to choose window frames that offer embellishments or creative cuttings. Talk to your contractor to determine what options they have available that can help improve the look of your home.

Energy Efficiency

Green is in, and one of the most important elements of a green home is efficiency. Compared to windows used in the past, modern windows are far more energy efficient. However, some windows are better at conserving energy than others. In particular, double-glazed windows can reduce the loss of hot or cold air to the environment. It should be noted that efficient windows can also help you save a considerable amount of money on your heating or cooling bills, so take the time needed to determine the best replacement windows for your home.

Although we often ignore them, windows are essential elements for our homes, and choosing the right windows for your home is essential for making your home look great and function as well as possible. Before hiring contractors, make a list of questions, and be sure that the contractor you choose is able to install the best windows for your needs.

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