Welcome the New Year by Transforming Your Terrace Into the Perfect Hangout

As another decade stares us in its wake, more pending and unfinished resolutions will follow. Some will vow to never splurge money unnecessarily, while some will promise to themselves to lose weight. Some might wish to travel more, while some would prefer bettering their house.

We belong to the latter category. Our home is our haven, where we can afford to be ourselves. We prefer the comfort of our sofa to that of a hotel, and our television to any movie theatre in the world. Hence, it becomes paramount for us to make our living space as perfect as possible. For home decor aficionados like us, we employ every mildly good idea into our living space, and we feel proud of ourselves as we do so.

So as another year approaches, it gives us another opportunity to style our apartment. And while it is common for us to set our dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, study, and bathroom to perfection, areas such as the terrace are often ignored.

Why? You may ask… A terrace is a place which many of us don’t visit often, except for drying clothes or when we’ve not got anything better to do. But just think about it: a terrace can be the ideal way of throwing a New Year party if you work towards making it good enough.

Read further to find out how you can transform this area into the perfect hangout place by the end of the year.

  1. Turn It Into a Garden: Get busy building vegetation on your walls and build a nice garden around the expanse. This will transform your terrace into a charming and pleasant area that you’d want to visit from time to time, besides making it a hub of outdoor activity where your guests can feel relaxed and comfortable.
  2. Use Lighting: The next thing (or step) you can do to make your outdoor alive by way of lamps and lanterns. Place your lighting near a sitting area, and this would be your chance to experiment with as many options as you can. You can use a cable wire or a string of lights to adorn the area. Or use an unconventional, lanterns in butterfly/floral/geometric patterns that make the terrace come alive.
  3. Use Furniture: A wooden table and a chair are standard, but you can experiment with a variety of seating options too. Have a couple of bean bags placed, or put out a hammock chair. Besides, having a bench by the side would ensure you do not run out of places to sit if you have a large gathering. A long bench that will cover the entire length and breadth of the area while keeping the middle portion vacant is an especially good idea.
  4. Redesign Your Terrace Floor: It will be a good decision to redesign your floor when you have a large space and you feel the need to visit your terrace regularly. An assortment of colors would be a great start. You can also pick from a number of flooring types such as wooden, mosaic, PVC, glass and natural stones.
  5. Add a Rug with Pillows/Cushions: Rugs are the staple items that can alter the appearance of a milieu in no time. When you adorn the floor of your terrace with a warm, cozy rug, we may have something to casually sit and chit-chat on while drinking hot coffee. You may also add a few cushions to rest your arm or head against, and the entire place will soon be teeming with your guests.
  6. Use Your Wall Space: Ivy plants can be a good stick-on plant for your walls, but when you can’t find any, it’s better to go indoors and get some wall paintings instead. To an already well-lit and well-furnished terrace, these will be an icing on the cake. You can also consider setting up shelves for glasses or placing some attractive decorative pieces.

A good terrace is something that you can appreciate from a distance even when the weather is not suitable enough to sit outdoors. When every square inch of your living space is taken care of, including the balcony and terrace, it will entail positivity for the entire home.

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