Types of Garage Doors

When selecting a new garage door there are many options available to choose from and to the uninitiated it can often seem a little daunting. With a wide range of styles, operating systems, colours and materials to choose from it is little wonder people often find it hard to make a decision.

Garage Door Types Explained

Modern garage doors are available in a wide range of mechanisms depending upon your requirements.

Side Hinged Doors – Perhaps the most traditional style available, the simple design of a pair of hinged doors has been around for decades. Well suited to a variety of traditional property types, the addition of a side hinged garage door will enable the user to access the garage without the needing to fully open both doors. This makes it the perfect option if you have a regular pedestrian access requirement within the home. The drawback to this type of design is a clear area must be present in front of the building so as to enable each panel to swing open. As such, if your driveway is short of space or is restricted, you may find yourself having to reverse the car a few feet every time you want access inside the space which over time can become a real inconvenience. In addition to this, due to the above factor, a side hinged garage door only tends to be available in sizes to suit single garages.

Side Hinged Door

Up & Over Garage Doors - Fitted to the majority of garages, this form of door is an extremely popular style due to it being available at an extremely affordable price. Supplied in a wide range of sizes to suit single and double garages they offer good levels of security combined with a high level of aesthetic appeal.

Up & Over Garage Door

Sectional Garage Doors - Although extremely popular throughout the world, this form of door has only just started to see an increase in demand in the UK over the past couple of years. Offering many benefits to the user in terms of usability, security and aesthetics, this form of garage door makes perfect sense. With a simple vertical lift design, you do not have the same parking issues as with a side hinged door. Rather than swinging outwards, a sectional door rises straight up and curves back inside the garage roof space. Available in a large array of designs to suit all architectural styles, another great benefit of this form of door is that it can be manufactured to include insulation making it the ideal choice where a garage is attached to the house or it is to be used as a workshop.

Sectional Garage Door

Roller Garage Doors - Although used for years in commercial buildings, a roller garage door for use in residential properties is a relatively new thing. Offering many benefits to the homeowner, the simple yet effective design of this form of door will provide great levels of security (hence it been used for commercial applications), make accessing the garage simple and ultimately enhance your lifestyle. Available in both single skin and insulated roller door variations, they are manufactured in bespoke sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

Roller Garage Door

Manual or Electric

If you plan on using the garage on a regular basis or if you have a requirement for a double door, then the addition of an electric motor will make life far easier when accessing the space as it can be opened and closed at the touch of a button.

If only occasional use of the garage is required, the more cost effective choice is to opt for manual garage doors that open and close by hand. Remember, you can always upgrade to automation at a later date.


Steel-The cheapest form of garage doors tend to be constructed from steel as it is a readily available material that is simple to work with. The drawback in this material is that if not properly maintained it can start to rust leading to maintenance issues further down the line.

Aluminium - This lightweight material is perfect for the construction insulated garage doors as the added weight of the insulation would make any other material too heavy. The other main benefit of using aluminium is that it does not rust. In comparison, the drawback is that it is more expensive and will dent easier than steel.

Wood - The natural properties of timber lend themselves well to garage door construction. Easily worked into a wide range of designs, it will provide a rustic charm that cannot be created using any other form of material.

Choosing the Design to Mach your Home

Now you are aware of all the various factors to consider when buying a new garage door the task of selecting the right door should be much easier however what about the exact design you want? Get it right and you will add value to your home and increase its kerb appeal, but get it wrong and you will be left kicking yourself for making the wrong decision.

As such, the easiest way to pick the most suitable design is to draw inspiration from any existing architectural details with the property. For example, if you have a sleek and contemporary home, you will want to mirror this look with the door and should pick a clean and simple design. In comparison, a traditional property will more than likely have decorative detailing so selecting a door with more character will work better.

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