Types of Conservatories

Edwardian, Gazebos, Victorian or Georgian, which way should you go while choosing your conservatories? If you cannot decide on any particular type, then you might want to help yourself by having the basic knowledge on each type of conservatories.


In Victorian style conservatories we will find it designed with an apex roof and have a 5 sided structure. And in recent times this type of Victorian conservatories are in vogue. Now they are designed with new architectural styles reproduced from modern computer techniques.


There are other styles of Victorian conservatories also available.

In this style the conservatories are characterized by 5 facets. In this style it appears with rounded look along with five windows in the bay front. One more is there which provides you with classical look along with widespread area.



In this style the conservatories are designed with small roofs and plenty of shades and are appropriate as resting place. The style also features garden designed with ornamental pavilion which will provide you plenty of ventilation area and light.

Georgian Style

In Georgian styled conservatories we will find square or rectangular shaped designs accompanied by flat front. In Edwardian style less intricate lines are seen but in Victorian style its less. These types of conservatories are specially designed for our comfort and keeping that in mind outlets are made so that we can get plenty of air and light. It is possible because of the sloping roofs which also gives a spectacular appearance.


These types of conservatories are specially used as plant observatories or as plant storage. Plants kept here are protected from harsh slashes of climates. During the 18th century these Georgian conservatories became popular among the people of the U.K.


These conservatories are designed with polycarbonate roofs which help in controlling insulation and light. The architectural style of these conservatories are so well designed that even in extreme sunny climate it serves you well. These sunroom conservatories are designed with multi-lock mechanism doors and windows with beautiful frames. You might want to shop around to find the best Conservatory Companies Stubbington

Edwardian Style

The conservatory got its name from the architectural style i.e., Edwardian architecture. It was in vogue from the time of KING EDWARD VII of the U.K. The design of the conservatories carries a rich history along with it. The people of the U.K still love the reason behind its Name. The conservatory of Edwardian style is made in such a way so that you can cherish its aristocratic style even when your get inside it. The windows of the conservatory contain detailed works and it is also seen on the glass walls. But it is restricted till the dwarf walls only. These types of conservatories are designed with flat front. And this one thing distinguish the Edwardian conservatories from other conservatories mainly the Victorian ones.


The Edwardian style is popularly used as it provides maximum space which can be used for various purposes. Another advantage of this style is its glass roof which makes the conservatory more lightened. Due to this glass roof you can also experience a feeling that you are outside as it allows sufficient light and superb sight. You can change the look of your conservatory and can give a new elegant look as per your taste. You can even design the interior portion in a brand new way. You are free to do the changes without spoiling the previous elegant appearance of the Edwardian conservatory.

The Edwardian conservatories are more spacious and practical at same time and far better than the Victorian conservatories. You will find traditional floor plans in this style like rectangular or square shaped floors. These conservatories can be built in traditional way which will give you the elegant original look of Edwardian conservatories.

Additional features accompanied by solid panels can be used for having special effects and the low level bricks add an extra value to it. This can increase the elegant appearance of it. One of the featured styles of the Edwardian style is its full length glass window pane on both sides. And its double hipped roof top does not allow the rain water.

So no matter what conservatory you decide to build it will give an extra appearance to your home.

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