Tips on Protecting Your Wood Patio Furniture

Wood furniture is the most durable and preferred types of furniture. Whether it is your living room, bedroom, kitchen, patio, etc., wooden furniture can make any room look beautiful and homely. Often, wooden furniture is used and kept outdoors in the balcony, garden or terrace. This furniture is usually made of hardwood and softwood as they are the most durable. However, when exposed to a lot of rain or sunshine, the wood can start decaying. One must take some precautions to protect the furniture you have outdoors and make sure it is durable. Though these pieces of furniture have the ability to lighten up the area and create a very sunny and countryside outlook to your house, it is equally important to maintain them. The following tips can be used to protect your furniture and prevent it from getting destroyed.


Water sealers are easily available in the market. If your furniture is exposed to a lot of rain or you live in an area that is extremely humid, water sealers are the best way to make your furniture last longer and make it more durable. Being exposed to rain or too much water can decay the wooden furniture. This is true for all kinds of wood whether it is hardwood, softwood or engineered wood. Thus using a water sealer is the best way to protect the wood from rain and help it to last longer. These are just resin or polymer-based paint-like liquid that protects the wooden furniture.


Wooden furniture can be made of different types of wood. Some kinds of wood are more durable than others. Painting wooden furniture is the best way to protect it from the rain and heat. Painting your furniture can make it lose its original wooden look. However, it is extremely beneficial and makes sure that your wood lasts long enough. Oil-based paints are the easiest to use and provide the most protection. Furniture can also be repainted according to your décor and whenever you notice chipping or fading.


Sometimes when timber furniture gets old, a leg might break or some other part might start to deteriorate. Instead of throwing out the item, a professional woodturner can remake the part to replace on the furniture. Using a special technique, they can shape the wood to make it exactly as the original item.


Varnish can help to maintain the look of the wooden furniture but at the same time protect it. Varnishing can help you achieve a glossy look and a woody finish that makes the furniture look expensive and pretty looking. It also helps the furniture that is kept outside to be durable and long-lasting. It forms a layer on the wood that repels water and protects the wood from decay. It is fairly easy to varnish wooden furniture on your own and can be done by anyone and everyone. Varnishing wooden furniture is one of the oldest and most preferred methods of making outdoor wooden furniture last long. It will prevent the material from dulling and losing the quality of the build.


You can use slip-on covers to protect the cushions and other materials on the furniture. If it is a slip-on cover, it is quite easy to clean them. You can either hand wash them or put it in the washing machine. Use the washing guidelines properly. If the cushions already have covers on them, go through the instructions to wash them. It will increase the life of the cushions and the cover. Clean them regularly and get rid of bugs if any. The furniture placed outdoors have the capacity to take on dirt, bugs, allergens, etc. easily. So, scheduling a cleaning session is advisable.

The placing of the wooden furniture outside can also determine the amount of sun and rain that the furniture has to put up with. It is also possible to put a plastic or rubber cover on top of the furniture while it is not being used. Taking care of your furniture can make it last longer and get full use out of it. Also, when you put it out in the garden, make sure it doesn’t get into contact with water and moisture. If your furniture has cushions, it may develop mold and fungus when it comes in contact with moisture. It is important that one follows the guidelines that are given by the carpenter or manufacturer of the furniture to make it as durable and long-lasting as possible.

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