Tips for the New DIY Home Craftsman

houseIf you are lucky enough to find your first set of Powerbuilt tools or other craftsman equipment under the tree this year, you are now on the verge of becoming a part of the Do-It-Yourself world. If the idea is a little intimidating and you've never tackled much beyond hammering in a nail, you'll find the Internet will be your best resource. While the DIY population has always been around, it has exploded with this limitless source of tips and ideas for taking care of chores around the house and building just about whatever you like.

Here are just a few random tips that will provide you with some simple tasks and tricks while you gain experience and confidence with your handyman skills:

• Put a golf tee to good use. If you find a screw is loose because the hole has stripped or gotten too large, simply pound a golf tee in, cut it off flush, and you have a new area in which to place the screw. Don't forget to use a little rub of bar soap to make the screw go in easier.

• Punch a hole in paint can rims. If you're going to be painting, simply hammer several holes in the rim of the paint can before starting. Excess paint will drip back in, preventing messes and making it easier to reseal the unused contents.

• Need a tool bag? A simple and inexpensive way to create an emergency DIY tool bag is to invert an old glove. Simply cut small holes in the fingertips, and slip the cuff onto your belt after making two vertical slits. Screwdrivers and wrenches fit easily into the fingers and you can leave a back-up set under the kitchen sink for quick access.

• Keep some filled sandbags nearby. When you are gluing sheets of material together, it is common to use clamps. However, to ensure full bonding over a large area, simply cover the space with sandbags to keep pressure on the items until they are bonded.

• Use your C-clamp for multiple purposes. In addition to its role as a clamp, you can use a C-clamp on a ladder to serve as a holder for your hammer, you can use it as a handle or hook to hold paint cans or other containers, and you can even use it to pinch off hoses when you are working on brake lines on your car.

Build your own list of DIY tricks and tips to make your jobs easier and more enjoyable.

If you have any questions, please ask below!