The Well Maintained Roof: a Guide for Calgary Residents

The roof on top of our heads is actually one of the most important things about your house, but often we don’t realize it. We hear of “placing a roof on top of someone’s head”, but hardly do we ever hear of the walls at the sides of a house being mentioned. I believe it would be better to have a home with a roof and without walls, than one with the walls and without a roof. The significance of the roof on top of our heads is normally overlooked until we suddenly realize water leaking inside our homes or the temperature being out of our control. Besides, there’s more to having a roof on top of our heads than protection. Let’s take a closer look at what most people overlook about the roof on top of their heads.


The Seasons of the Roof

In Calgary, we experience the four seasons, and each season has both its fortune and misfortune. The roofs on top of our heads are what experience the true impact of these four seasons. Typically, a roof should last an average of 20 years before a complete replacement is necessary. That means a roof that’s 10 years old is likely to display some signs of damage here and there, depending on the quality of the roof. A roof that’s 10 years old is likely to need inspection, and repairs will be necessary in case any anomalies are discovered. The different seasons that we undergo place different kinds of stress on our roofs. In winter, the snow is extremely cold, wet, and very heavy. And on the other extreme, in summer, we have the heat of the sun. If your roof is healthy, you won’t necessarily realize its importance, especially if your home is only a few years old. However, if your roof is damaged in any way, then you’re likely to have an idea regarding the vital role it plays in making your house a home.

The Broken Roof

Calgary is a beautiful place, and the houses here play a major part in contributing to that beauty. It’s natural to want your house to be one of the houses that contribute to this role. But if the roof of your home is damaged in any form, even if the damage is not that conspicuous, you won’t feel at home. Canadians have the reputation of being warm, loving, and kind. This stems from the value we place on our families, homes, and country. Charity begins at home. A steady roof will make you feel at home. But a broken roof will significantly affect the warmness, love, and kindness of your home, and this is likely to spread out and impact those whom your household interacts with.

A broken roof leads to poor insulation. This results in a house that lets in too much heat in summer, and one that loses too much heat in winter. You can see the impact this will have on your home. A roof with openings that direct to the rooms in your home, or even just to the attic will possibly let in creatures that may cause discomfort to the members of your household. A broken roof will also let in rainwater when it rains, and cold whenever temperatures are low. All these are scenarios that will inconvenience your household both psychologically, emotionally, and financially. That’s why a roof inspection should be a priority for you. It’s better you take care of any minor damages early than waiting until when you’re facing a challenging weather that’s likely to worsen things for you.


The Well Maintained Roof

Residential Roofing in Calgary, as indicated earlier, plays a significant role in the aesthetics of the city. When you have a home with a beautiful roof, it will be attractive to your neighbors, friends, and visitors. From a bird’s eye view, it will be conspicuous and beautiful. The material used to make your roof is vital from this perspective. Most residents of Calgary are paying close attention to the roofing trends that dominate the current times. The use of asphalt shingles, clay tiles, slate, solar panel installation, and the classic gutters are some of the options most people are playing around with. All these options present different opportunities for your roof. It is paramount that you do your homework to determine what will work best for your situation and invest in it.

Pay attention to your roof and always be aware of its status. A complete roof installation is considerably expensive. Regular roof inspections will save you the unnecessary expenses you’ll have to deal with before the actual time to do a complete roof makeover has come. If you’re building a new home, or are at the point where a complete roof do-over is necessary, consider the current roofing trends and the best materials for the roof. Durability should be the priority, but also leave some room for aesthetics. Try to blend in with the other houses in your area, but no one said that you can’t be the trendsetter. If you discover a material that’s durable, and that will make your home more of a palace than a mere house, go for it. It’s okay for others to follow your lead.

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