The Minimalist Guide To Sheds

wood shedWhen you think of a shed, you probably envision a simple structure used in a backyard for storage or a hobbyist workshop. What you may not know is that practical men and women around the world feel passionately about sheds. In fact, some people are so enthusiastic about sheds that they read books, subscribe to magazines, create community websites, and join associations.

"Men and Sheds" is an authoritative book on sheds; The Shed is an Australian Magazine on sheds, and the Australian Men's Shed Association devotes time and effort to discussing sheds.

Simple to Complex

Sheds vary in complexity. A very simple shed might be an open structure with a tin roof. A complex shed might actually resemble a building with its multiple doors and windows, electrical outlets and shingled roof.

Big or Small

Sheds also vary in size. Big sheds, used for small engine repairs, may be placed at the back of homes, where they may often be outfitted just like a regular workshop, or they may be large enough to hold airplanes and locomotives.

Small sheds may be placed in backyards. A wooden garden shed, for example, may be placed at the back of a garden, where it artistically blends into the property.

Multiple Purposes

Here are few examples of different types of sheds:

A garden shed may be used as a potting shed or a tool shed. It is often located at the back or side of a garden.

A bike shed may be used with a framework to support and lock bicycles, and it may also used to store motorcycles or ATVs. It is often located at the back of a house.

A boat shed may be used near a dock to store bathing suits, snorkels, and water skis. It is often located close to a large body of water.

A wood shed may be used to protect firewood from rain and snow. It is often located near a mountain home or a log cabin that uses a wood burning stove.

A farm shed may be used to keep farm equipment or livestock. It can be used for anything from hand tools to tractors. It can also be used for keeping livestock, raising chickens, or shearing sheep. It is often located near a farmhouse or a barn.

A railway shed may be large enough to store a railway locomotive. The Liverpool Crown Street Station was the first one built back in 1830. In Britain, these are referred to as "motive power depots."

Assorted Materials

Sheds are built of all types of materials like metal, plastic, wood, and vinyl. In the past asbestos and concrete sheds were popular, but after the health risks of asbestos were discovered, they have become rare.

Metal sheds are strong, secure sheds. They can be padlocked and are resistant to fire, termites, or weather damage.

Plastic sheds are made out of dense, molded plastics like polyethylene. They are strong, light, durable sheds that resist rot or termites. They are used where security is not a concern.

Wooden sheds are often favored when aesthetics are important. Since they have a natural look, they are suitable for a domestic garden or public park.

Vinyl sheds are stronger than either metal, plastic, or wooden sheds. They are useful when a shed needs to conform to local building codes.

Planning Your Own Shed

Whether you decide to buy wood from your local Home Depot to build your own sheds or buy prefab buildings by Rhino Steel, here are a few questions you have to answer first:

· What covenants and permits must I get?

· What is the purpose of the shed?

· What size suits my needs?

· What type of foundation do I need for it?

· What types of materials suit the purpose I need?

Final Thoughts

Sheds may appear to be humble storage structures, but they have made a remarkable impression upon civilization. In fact, they have even found their way into literature as metaphors. Literati Cee Lo Green is remembered for saying, "Tolerance, compromise, understanding, acceptance, patience-I want those all to be very sharp tools in my shed."

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