Teak Patio Bench Maintenance Tips

The outdoor environment is one that is enjoyed by many property owners. When the weather turns nice, many of us tend to gravitate outdoors to enjoy time with family and friends. That is why there are a variety of features that are available for use outdoors, including the simple addition of a garden bench. It can provide you with a convenient way to sit and have a conversation or to relax and watch the world go by.

Teak Patio Bench

Although there are many different types of wood that can be used for outdoor furniture, teak is the better choice in all regards. It is a beautiful wood that weathers nicely and does not require a sealant to be applied on an ongoing basis. It also tends to stand up well to the elements because it has a natural weather resistance (Source: tlc.howstuffworks.com). Depending upon the area in which you live, it can provide you with a long-lasting option for outdoor furniture that can stay in place, year-round. There are still some things that should be done, however, to ensure that it lasts for the long-term.

Cleaning the furniture on a regular basis can help to lengthen its lifetime. You can clean your teak bench easily, by simply spraying it off with a garden hose on a periodic basis. If it becomes heavily soiled, there are additional things that can be done to help bring it back to life again. In most cases, some good, old-fashioned soap and water and elbow grease will do the trick.

Teak maintains a natural beauty on its own, which is why it is not typically recommended that you cover it with any type of fabric. Some people prefer of the feel of cushions on a bench, so it is really a personal decision. If you are going to use a cushion for your teak bench, use Sunbrella, as it will stand up to the elements. You can also bring the cushion indoors and store it in a dry location

Most benches are not going to require any adjustment or oiling. If there are any moving parts, or if you find that the bench has some play in it, you may need to tighten the hardware. It is not out of the ordinary for hardware to loosen over the course of time and all that is typically necessary is for it to be tightened slightly to bring it back to its original condition.

Tara Lawson is a professional landscaper and outdoor decorator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys gardening, jogging at the park and exploring around town. Sources collected for this article can be found at terrapatio.com.

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