Swallow Greenhouses-an Overview

Swallow Greenhouses is a trending range of timber greenhouses that provide a traditional stylish a sophisticated take on the contemporary greenhouse range. Manufactured in Yorkshire, UK, these timber greenhouses are of top quality and hence are ideal for persons looking for the best craftsmanship in each and every design. Swallow Greenhouses timber frames ensures that the same complements virtually every type of garden by simply blending its surroundings. The greenhouse is also commended for its high-quality features which is included as part of the basic package.

Swallow Greenhouses


While there are few optional extras, depending on your likes and preferences, the following are some of the most notable features guaranteed to make your greenhouse of choice not only beneficial but also add to he elegance of your environment.

Attention to details

One of the many features you will you will love about Swallow Greenhouse building products is definitely the attention to detail. Every Greenhouse incorporates staging, toughened glass, automated roof top openers, damp barriers and, of course, the skilled human made installation. This ensures that your ideas and suggestion are incorporated in your garden. Every detail is carefully and skillfully crafted by seasoned specialists who are immensely passionate about their job. The greenhouse is, therefore, bound to meet all your ideas.

High Quality Materials

Swallow wooden greenhouses are exclusively made from top quality types of wood such as Scandinavian ThermoWood and red wood pine. These latest high-strength types of timber are uniquely heat and pressure treated to extremely high temperatures, more than 200 degree Celsius to eliminate excess moisture as well as resin, effectively protecting the same from and preventing warping. Excess moisture and resins have the potential of making the wood to warp besides increasing the its susceptibility to rot. This type of wood is, therefore, specifically deigned to outperform ordinary exterior use timbers, especially in harsh weather conditions. These high-quality types of timber are widely used both for construction and cladding of swallow greenhouses as they are superb and easily withstand very wet and cold climatic conditions.


In addition to the vast knowledge and experience Swallow greenhouse designers and constructors have, having worked on numerous projects producing the specific wooden greenhouses they desired, you have the liberty to choose from the wide variety of paint colors, sizes and models that will offer you the modern, classical or even traditional appearance you need for your garden. Take advantage of this and communicate your unique style through your garden. There are several swallow wooden greenhouse collections for you to choose from.

Inspired by nature

Swallow Greenhouses take inspiration from nature while some continue the bird theme. For persons who love bird themes, there are several greenhouses identified by a breathtaking species of bird. They incorporate various models including freestanding and lean-to models. Examples of greenhouses styles in this category include:

  • Kingfisher-measuring approximately 200 cm, this type includes a single door and is perfect for mot garden
  • Raven-a spacious greenhouse ideal for those who need wide access. It is a double door type available in a width of about 266cm.
  • Falcon-a huge open greenhouse in which plants can be planted along the sides and at the center.
  • It is also features double doors hence allows wheelbarrow access, and is available in a width of 390 cm.


Swallow Greenhouses are ideal for you as they are of high quality. They are constructed using durable timber that have been temperature and pressure treated to withstand harsh weather conditions. Available in a wide range of color, including attractive red tint that perfectly blends with the natural environment of any garden, these greenhouses are bound to complement the appearance of your garden.

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