Striking the Balance between Style and Security: How to Fit a Sliding Patio Door

For anyone hoping to remodel their home in 2014, there are numerous factors to consider. Not only must home-owners work safely and responsibly in the quest to avoid injury, for example, but they must also strive to strike the delicate balance between creating a stylish home and one that is secure from the threat of intrusion. When you consider that your home-improvement project must also be completed within a budget, it is easy to see how the challenge can quickly become overwhelming for some.External Doors

There is also growing pressure for home-owners to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint, as the government continue to offer financial incentives to families who invest in efficient and eco-friendly appliances. This principle also applies to the fitting of modern external doors and home insulation, which are extremely energy and cost efficient fixtures of the contemporary home. A sliding patio door can be relatively cheap to purchase, for example, while it can also help you to save money in the long-term.

How to Fit a Sliding Patio Door

Installing your patio door can be slightly complicated, however, so keep the following steps in mind when undertaking this task:

Record Exact Measurements and Remove the Existing Door

Before you start work, be sure to measure the opening where your new door will be fitted. These measurements should be compared to your new patio door, just to ensure that the size is correct. You can then begin the process of removing the external trim, taking great care to avoid tearing or damaging the wall board. To achieve this, take a utility knife and gently remove the caulk and paint remnants before lifting it out with a pry or crow bar. Once this is complete, completely remove the loose door and break it into as many separate pieces as possible, carefully detaching any stops or remaining strips of trim.

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Prepare the Space and Position your New Patio Door

The next step is to prepare the space before positioning your new door, and one of the most important elements of this process is waterproofing the opening. Simply install strips of foil-backed tape along the sill, and run these for approximately six inches along the adjoining side jam. Repeat this on the threshold and then seal the whole of the opening evenly, including the sides and header. You can then reinstall the moulding and lay an even application of silicone sealant on the sill, before taking your new door and setting it carefully into place from the bottom up. Patience is key at this juncture, as rushing the placement of your door can seriously undermine the integrity of its performance and finish.

Secure your New Door

Once the door has set into the place, you should look to secure it and reinforce its position. This ensures that it is as secure as possible, so begin by driving roofing nails through the aluminium fin and into the studs that frame the exterior of the opening. As you add more nails, keep checking the stability of the door and ensure that it remains level and in the ideal position. Now is the ideal time to also install your screws through the side jams, starting on the latch side and moving across. By now the door should be relatively secure, but you will still need to add some additional silicone to the sill in order to ensure that the door remains water tight and energy efficient. Then you can reattach your exterior trim and the project is complete!

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