Simple Tricks to Help You Design the Perfect Front Lawn

Just like when you judge a cake by its icing or a book by its cover, you may form an opinion about the inhabitants of a house by looking at its exterior presentation. Houses with unkempt gardens and overgrown shrubberies are thought to be occupied by neglectful people who are always in a hurry. However, houses with a marvelous outdoor aesthetic appeal are thought to be owned by creative and crafty people who like to accentuate the beauties of life.

Thus, it is fair to say that the front lawn of your house constitutes its face. Whether you choose to keep it simple and neat, or luxurious and rich in evergreens, just make sure to design it in such a way that it captures the marvels of nature and stays unique at the same time. Your front lawn is your canvas, after all. Make an overall survey of the space, go through the inventory of ideas at your disposal, and choose the ones which suit you best.

Spread the colors of nature without going overboard by using the following simple tricks which will help you in many ways.

Keep the Front Door in Focus

No matter how wide your front lawn gets, it’s still a passage, not a stand-alone entity, which leads all the way up to your home. It is up to you to make this process of transition as smooth as you possibly can for onlookers. Don’t go for oversized and overwhelming flora which takes the focus away from the house itself. Keep it low key and maintain the focal point on the front door. Framing it with eye-catching flowers is always a plus.

Decide on a Theme

If you consider yourself artsy, you can give your front lawn a particular theme. You can go for a simple and minimalistic look, a fancy Neapolitan theme with marble statues, or a traditional rustic look with wildflowers. You can even shed the garden in a futuristic light with metallic embellishments or create a beachy look with white sand and palm trees. It’s totally your choice.

Go for Rocky Pathways

A clearly distinguished pathway leading up to the house is one of the most welcoming features of a front lawn. For an extra visual effect, you can make this path sweeping and winding, going through the heart of the entire landscape and giving visitors a proper view. Straight paths tend to look boring after a while. In constructing your pathway, you can use rocks, concrete slabs, gravel, smooth stones, and other such materials. If you’re environmentally aware, you can even go for recycled aggregates, like seashells, broken glass, wooden chips or used bricks. This is considered to be the more ethical form of paving by many.

Create a Fantastic Ambience with Decorations

It’s all about the overall aura of your front garden. You can add a fantastic ambiance to it by tactfully placing decorations, like a garden gnome, an old Chinese potted urn, weaving baskets with fairy lights in them, plastic flamingoes, or other such pieces.

Add Water for Flavor

Something that moves in a still landscape immediately grasps attention. This is the effect which you can achieve with occasional water presence in your front lawn. Use rock slabs to create shallow falls, go for petite fountains headed by an artistic statue, or install a pond with lily leaves and multi-colored fish to astound the visitors.

Let Symmetry Be Your Game

Regularity, order, and uniformity are always pleasing to the eye. One of the ways in which you can achieve this feeling of symmetry in a front lawn is by repetition of flora. Around your pathway, plant perennials or mini-trees so that one side is the exact mirror image of the other. Too much variety sometimes falls flat on the senses, so you need to add breathing spaces within the symmetrical design.

Embellish with Outdoor Structures

A beautiful garden automatically demands to be observed and noticed. Give your visitors a chance to dwell in the lawn for some time, appreciating the flowers, the waterfalls, the fairy garden, and the vegetable shed by erecting outdoor structures. These could range from a proper gazebo to a simple park bench. Socialize, refresh yourself, and feel free among the bounties of nature.

Fixate Using Smart Lighting

How can you accentuate the flora in your front garden? By using strategic lighting, that’s how! Night time covers the whole lawn in a dark vibe, which tones down the landscape, and attracts burglars as well. Brighten it up by adjusting smart lighting fixtures on trees and elevated bushes. If you’re going for automated lights which operate on schedule, you can modify the security feature with a Vivint outdoor camera to see what’s going on outside.

Thus with the aforementioned tricks, you can totally turn your front lawn into a breathtaking marvel.

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