Signs You Should Replace Your Home Windows

Just before summer is the perfect time to replace your home windows if you need to do so. Summer means that your AC is running throughout which also means higher energy bills. If your windows are old or not properly insulated, you could be spending unnecessary money on high electricity bills. It doesn’t make sense to change your windows solely to save on power during the summer. The savings are more of a long-term strategy so you shouldn’t have to replace windows unless absolutely necessary.window

If you are unsure whether your old windows have finally reached the end of the road, below are a few signs that you definitely need window replacement.

Windows Don’t Open or Close

Windows that are either difficult to close or open or don’t operate at all should be replaced immediately. This is especially true if you have a partially open window that won’t close. The windows will let in hot air during the summer and cause your AC to work overtime to cool the home. Additionally, there is no reason to struggle every time you need to operate your windows. The effort can quickly lead to back problems and other injuries that can easily be avoided.

Drafty Home

Noticing a draft when the air conditioning isn’t on is a sure sign you should replace your windows. You can simply put your hand over the window to check if you feel anything. Either way, these windows are letting in hot air during the summer and letting out warm air in the winter. You can save significantly on your electricity bills by simply replacing the windows.

Condensation on the Window

Condensation on the interior of the window despite having it tightly shut is a clear indicator you should replace the windows. This condensation means either the windows are faulty or the window pane needs replacing. Whatever the case, you are definitely facing inefficiency issues. Additionally, the moisture creates a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. These organisms are not only unsightly but also responsible for serious respiratory ailments.

After a Severe Storm

This is a no brainer but you should replace your windows after a serious weather event such as a major storm. People living in coastal areas certainly have to replace their windows more often, but that doesn’t mean the need doesn’t come up here in the mountains. The winds, hail, and other factors can quickly compromise the integrity of your windows. Fortunately, after one of these events might be a good time to contact JDI Windows. The vendor offers windows specifically designed to withstand the conditions in windy cities. The thicker window requires little maintenance and withstands peeling, chipping and dents common in homes where hail is prevalent.

During a Home Makeover

Deciding on a facelift is commendable but your efforts may be wasted if you don’t consider replacing the windows as part of your makeover. Fresh paint and a beautiful lawn are easily overshadowed by wrapped, fading and otherwise damaged windows. You may want to inspect the windows carefully and assess whether new ones should be added to your to-do list.

Renovating an Old Home

This point goes doubly for historic homes. The original windows are most certainly inefficient and need to be replaced anyway before long. Aesthetics shouldn’t be a great concern for historic homes. There are great modern windows specifically made to fit the architecture and style of older homes. Consult with your vendor to find out which options may best fit your home so you don’t lose the vintage or history charm and appeal.

You Have High Energy Bills

You can’t be sure what is causing high energy bills but old and inefficient windows are always on the top of the list of culprits. At the very least, you should get a professional window installer to inspect your existing frames and fixtures to ensure that they aren’t the cause of the problem. The installer can then suggest options that match your price range if budget is an issue for you.

These are just some of the common signs that you need window replacement. The good news is that if you do it right you won’t need to replace your windows again for a very long time. Make sure that you buy from a trusted vendor and get them installed by a certified installer so you don’t inadvertently void the warranty.

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