Safety Tips for Your Household: Remove Aabestos

remove-asbestoThe 1990s is remembered for various reasons like new wave music, reaganomics, breakdancing and one more thing for which we can remember the 1990s was the hysterical reaction over asbestos. It was clearly in the 1970s that it was clear that human exposure to this specific material would possibly cause respiratory problems and even cancer. The main reason which fueled this kind of reaction was the fact that asbestos was gradually found out at every nook and corner; at churches, offices, grocery stores, schools and worst of all, at homes.

There was a sudden increase in getting asbestos removed from houses, buildings and other dwellings throughout the world and there were steps being taken to ban the production of asbestos in manufacturing. Calls were given to asbestos removal companies and they were asked to remove this material from buildings to alleviate its dangerous impact.

Is it better to remove asbestos or just leave it as it is?

When you live in a home which has intact asbestos, this doesn’t pose to be a health risk but there are many people who are posed to certain health issues when they’re exposed to this material for long period of time like workers in a factor who manufacture asbestos, as per the National Cancer Institute. However, when these materials are there in your home and they deteriorate over time, it gets damaged or disturbed, fibers of asbestos can be released into the air. Asbestos as a material can have immense staying power and hence it stays in your house for many years. With the release of these materials, it can easily enter your lungs.

With time, these fibers can easily be built on to your lungs thereby causing lung cancer and diseases like mesothelioma which is cancer of the lung and abdominal lining. Hence, you can well understand that asbestos can pose a dangerous risk towards your health and the medical name for this is Asbestosis. This includes permanent scarring of the lung tissue which can get deadly with time.

Removing asbestos from your home

When you know that your house is full of carcinogenic material which causes cancer, it will definitely create an unsettling feeling. One of the biggest issues of diagnosing yourself with medical issues related to asbestos is that it takes a long time to show up. You can take up to 20-30 years after exposing yourself to asbestos before the appearance of cancer related problems. Within this long span of time, you might not have an inkling of the fact that you’re breathing asbestos fibers into your lungs. Smokers are more exposed to asbestos fibers and are more vulnerable to developing cancer.

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