Roofers - Which Ones to Avoid

Here is a fun guide of what to avoid when choosing a roofing service.


  1. A brother with no cover
    He's friendly, down-to-earth, calls you his ‘mate'. Behind this over-friendliness lies a darker side. This guy is uninsured. He's used to cutting corners and your safety is one place he's willing to do just that.
    You can count on some things in life - Brad and Angelina will add a new baby to their growing clan. The day you wash your car, it chucks it down with rain. And, when you hire an uninsured roofer his work will fall short.
    Finding an uninsured roofer who can guarantee his work is like trying to find a cat who wants its teeth flossed - it isn't going to happen. You've got to ask for proof of insurance upfront, before you commit to having any work done.
  2. Where did you say you were from?
    It makes sense to choose a local contractor. Word of mouth helps, as do online testimonials. We've all heard the cliché about not messing in your own backyard. Roofers are no different. The breed of roofer who touts for business outside of his own local area is like the proverbial bear in the woods. Except, in this case, your local patch is the woods and he doesn't have much of a care for your community
  3. Chirpy-chirpy and cheap-cheap
    Have you ever been offered what sounds like the best deal ever? Not only can they do x, y, and z for you but they'll do it at an unbelievably low price. They seem too good to be true, right? Well, they are exactly that.
    You should avoid like the plague using a company that boasts of undercutting the rest of the market. These people drive prices down by not covering their work with insurance, using cheap labour and materials, and offering poor service - if they turn up at all once they have their hands on your money. These guys will offer to fly you to the moon - except they don't tell you it's in an old charabanc that breaks down on the way.
    "Never mind," you may think, "they meant well." Meant well? The guy who offers to take off your leg for the price of a dental extraction means well because he's saving you having to buy shoes in the future. The logic just doesn't work.

If you're searching for roofers in Halifax, what do you need to look out for? Here at Eagle Roofing we pride ourselves on the quality of materials and service we offer. But, not all roofers are the same as us.

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