Lighting Ideas that Add Richness to Your Patio

Have you recently given your deck a makeover? But does it still lack that vigor? May be you have not accessories it correctly. Well, this is my favorite part. And I am sure I can give you some of the incredible ideas for your patio space. Why not start with the lighting?

But why does patio need lighting? Adequate lighting makes a walkway easy to navigate especially after the dark. It provides safety and security and most importantly, creates a welcoming environment. Let me help you with a couple of ideas which will slowly spiral into more and more fantastic outdoor lighting ideas.


Standard-voltage lights:

An under-eave porch light or a post light is bright and add a strong illumination to prevent stalkers or allow you to walk without tripping especially, when you are overburdened with your grocery bags. If you have a strong standard –voltage light, consider installing dimmer switches so that you can adjust the effect of light accordingly. However, if you installed low-voltage lights, these can be smoother but bright enough for any evening activities.

Patio lighting can be purchased within your budget. To make it an inexpensive option you can opt for the kit that contain more than 10 types of lights, cables and connector, a programmable transformer and all that are required. If you do not like to opt for the lights in the kits, in that case, you need to buy the components separately. However, if you choose a kit, do check for the transformer and its specs and consult it with an electrician to make sure that it is strong enough to supply power to all the lights you require.

Positions of lights:

All the lights should be positioned in such a way that it provides adequate illumination to the entire patio or to the specific area it is meant to be. You can place the lights behind the barrier or can also opt for those fixtures which provide diffused lights. The secret is to use lights that point downward to gently light the patio or to accent shrubs and trees

Try different types of downward spreading lights for decorative effect. They not only light up the path but also light up the flowers and shrubs

To emphasize the shapes of trees and plants, flowers or shrubs, aim for a floodlight or spotlight on the wall or at the fence close behind the plants and trees

Lighting exterior stairways for deck entrance gives an elegant look to the entire patio. The fixtures should cast lights downwards at the walking surface and to add to the safety measures, use motion-activated lighting. The battery operated lights can be installed anywhere using double-sided tape and screws. Battery life is good for about a year

Different types of lights:

  1. Brick lights are installed in the soil and resemble a patio paver. This type of light point diffused light upwards.
  2. Path lights typically have shades that produce a wide and a downward spread of light.
  3. Rope lights are strings of small and regularly spaced bulbs. They are usually hung from trees especially from the Christmas trees. They offer versatility and style.
  4. Lantern lights provide general lighting and also illuminate the patios paths.
  5. Floodlights or spotlights can be twirled to any point to an area of the yard.
  6. Deck lights are usually fastened to a vertical structure such as a lattice or an overhead.
  7. Floor lamp light up an entire deck seating area with its over sized halogen bulb, galvanized steel frame, plastic shade and aluminum base make the lamp weatherproof.

Along with your outdoor furniture, accessories do play an important role in making your patio look complete and stylish. And of course, patio lights help to create that unique decorative touch.

If you have any questions, please ask below!