Important Things To Look For When Considering Replacement Windows

Your home, most likely, is the most valuable asset that you own. It’s natural that you want to put in time, care, and money to add value to this important investment. Replacement windows are a great way to add value to the home as well as to offer you more convenience, energy savings, and comfort.

1. The Energy Rating

To get the best savings on your energy bill, look at the energy rating on the replacement windows you’re considering. The better the window, the more energy you will save. While the more efficient window will come with a higher price tag, it’s important to purchase the best windows that you can afford. Here’s why.

Modern residential windows are well-known to save you money on your heating and cooling bills…almost from the instant they’re installed. They work by sealing out the hot or cold temperatures from outdoors so you don’t get any drafts. At the same time, they keep the heated or cooled air from seeping out, keeping your home perfectly and efficiently climate-controlled.

2. Appearance

Second, look for the replacement windows that will best enhance the curb appeal of your home. Windows add architectural interest to your home’s exterior. When you purchase energy-efficient replacement windows, it’s usually a one-time purchase. Make it count!

When you sell your home sometime down the road, buyers will certainly drive by and decide from their car if they want to stop to look at the inside. That first impression counts, and your windows can make or break the curb appeal. In fact, homes with great curb appeal sell quicker than homes that look old. This can help you command a higher price and make more money in the future.

3. Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning the windows. It’s a dreaded chore that homeowners face about twice a year. It’s dirty, tedious, and it can be dangerous to climb the ladder to clean the second-floor windows! Nobody loves doing it but choosing the right windows can make the job easier when it’s the time of the year to tackle it.

Look for double-hung windows that that pivot inwards. They allow you to unlock them, lower them down to you, and pivot the upper sash inward. This allows you to keep a firm footing while you safely and easily clean the outside of the windows from the inside of your home. After you clean, pivot them back, lock them into place, and push the upper sash back up.

While this doesn’t necessarily make window cleaning fun, it makes it safer and easier than cleaning single-hung old windows while perched on a ladder.

4. The Warranty

Check with the window manufacturer to see if they offer a warranty for their product. While most manufacturers do offer a warranty, some manufacturers are more generous than others! Find out the term (length) of the warranty, exactly what window parts are covered by the warranty, and if the warranty can be transferred to a new owner if you should sell your house.

5. Look into the Experience of the Installers

In addition to asking about the windows, ask about the skillset of the window installers. Window installation is a job that requires a lot of experience, carpentry skills, and problem solving. If somebody offers you an installation price that sounds too good to be true, be alert and proceed with caution!

As professional window installers, we’ve seen the results of poor installation. These have most commonly included poorly fitted windows that have allowed moisture to seep in and cause mold or rot. To add insult to injury, these moist conditions can attract pests like carpenter ants, which will literally eat up your home.

Before your hire an installation company, ask about their experience. Then, check them out online. Read their customer feedback ratings. Find out if they have a written guarantee or warranty on their workmanship. These questions must be answered to your satisfaction before you hire them to work on your home!


In closing, your home is probably the largest investment of your lifetime. Investing money in upgrades that add value and pleasure is important. Rest assured, you’re making the right decision in spending your money on replacement windows. Use these hints to find the best replacement windows your money can buy, and you’ll have an upgrade that will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions, please ask below!