How to Remove Asbestos and Stay Safe

remove-asbestoMany older buildings and homes contain asbestos that will eventually need to be removed. In the past, asbestos was used in many areas of the home from insulation within the walls to acoustic sound proofing on the ceilings. Asbestos can be very dangerous under specific circumstances and often requires removal. Asbestos removal can be a difficult process and a homeowner needs to be extremely cautious when attempting it.Removing asbestos begins with determining whether the asbestos truly needs to be removed. Asbestos is only dangerous if there is a way that it can become an airborne particle. Once airborne asbestos can cause lung issues that can be serious enough to eventually cause death, especially in the young and the elderly. However, if the asbestos has no way of becoming airborne such as being well-secured in the insulation then there actually is no benefit to removing it. In fact, in these situations it may actually be more dangerous to remove it.

Asbestos abatement companies are licensed companies that are trained in the removal of asbestos. When possible an asbestos abatement company is one of the best ways to get asbestos removed. The abatement company usually takes specific steps to isolate the home such as tenting it and removes all the asbestos from within thoroughly by using specialized air pumps. Asbestos abatement companies can usually remove asbestos fairly quickly.

If a professional abatement company is not an option then a homeowner may consider removing the asbestos on their own. Homeowners may remove asbestos from their home, however those who have invested in a property that they are not living in need to get a proper license from the state government before they can begin their own removal. Laws vary by the state so before anything the asbestos remover should check on the local laws to be sure.

The consensus among the largest law firms that do asbestos cases is that homeowners who are seeking to remove asbestos need to take proper precautions to protect themselves. They should wear clothes that they will discard afterwards and wear a face mask and goggles at absolutely all times. Furniture should either be removed or covered with a tarp that will be removed afterwards. The asbestos should be slowly removed and it should be vacuumed or otherwise discarded regularly as it is removed. Every precaution should be taken to not release the asbestos into the air. Moistening the asbestos first can be an excellent way to limit the escape of asbestos dust.

After the asbestos has been removed, the plastic covers will need to be removed and the entire area will need to be thoroughly vacuumed. There are specific vacuums designed to be used for asbestos removal and corners should never be cut during this process. The air may need to be allowed to settle for a lengthy period during this, and the air may need to be cleaned as well. There are specific equipment options for this process.

While it is possible to remove asbestos and stay safe it is usually far more advisable to hire an abatement team. These teams are usually relatively cheap and they have all the equipment necessary for the full, effective and safe removal of asbestos. Professional asbestos abatement teams will make absolutely certain that there are no remnants of asbestos left at home.

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