How to Make the Most of Your Wooden Garden Shed

Wooden garden sheds are great for adding value to your home, providing storage and of course helping to keep your garden tidy. Many people have a shed in their garden, but often they are overlooked and usually end up as a dumping ground for all of those things you no longer really need but just don't have the time to sort through. You see these hysterical images of people opening their shed doors and piles of stuff just landing on top of them, but sadly this is the case in most households.

When utilised properly a wooden garden shed can be a real asset to your home. In fact, not only are sheds great for storage, but many entrepreneurs choose to start their businesses from their sheds rather than pay hefty costs in renting commercial office space.

You might be thinking what is the point in working from your shed when you can simply work in the house? Well, by running your business from your garden shed it means not only do you free up space in your home that would otherwise have been used up as your office, but you also have a separate building which you can escape to from all the distractions that the home might bring (in my case, kids, TV and a barking dog!) So by working from your garden shed it means you are more able to concentrate on the tasks ahead of you, and in addition you have somewhere unique to hold meetings if necessary.


Here are our top tips for transforming your boring old garden shed into an office or work studio:

  1. The first step is to make sure your shed is of a good enough quality to support being used as an office or studio. This means checking the framing, windows, and doorway. It is particularly important to make sure that water is not able to leak through especially as it is likely you will have electrical equipment in there. A wooden garden shed from York Timber Products is the perfect option for creating a work space.
  2. Sort out the electrical installation. A shed without electricity is pretty useful if you are planning to work from inside, so getting the electrical wiring sorted at an early stage is imperative.
  3. Another essential step is to sort out ventilation in the roof of the shed. This will not only keep the air circulating, but will also help to prevent mould. Installing roof vents is the perfect ventilation option.
  4. Insulate the ceiling and walls. This will help to keep your office/work studio warm in the colder months.
  5. Install the flooring. If you are happy with the shed's existing flooring then placing a rug down might be enough for your office. However laminate flooring gives a much more professional and office-like feel.
  6. Choose appropriate décor for your office or work studio. If you are planning on converting your shed into a work space, the likelihood is you will be spending a lot of time in there. Therefore it's important to create a style and theme that you will be happy to be surrounded by.
  7. Opt for high quality furniture. As with any office space, if you choose cheap, flimsy furniture, your office will not only look equally as cheap, but you will end up having to regularly replace items as time goes by. Treat your garden office as you would any other office, and it will reward you with many years of use.


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