How To Enhance Your Home’s Entryway

homePride in your home is a good thing and decoration is important because it shows who you are to others and makes you comfortable in your own space. One of the first things people see in the personality of your home is the entryway and front door. It is a great idea to personalize this area and make your entryway; from the sidewalk to your home's foyer, truly unique and a representation of who you are and your unique personality.

What is an entryway?

The entryway is often thought to be just the front room of the house where people walk in. The truth is just the opposite. Your entryway is the greeting card to all that come to visit you. The first thing people see before entering your home is your fence or garden path, or if you live in an apartment, they see your door. You may be thinking to yourself, "How can a door show off my personality?" Just like the other elements of your entrance, the door speaks volumes about the person living behind it. Mailboxes, address placards, and even a garden can welcome all that come to your space with open arms.

Front Garden

The garden is a beautiful place to work and enjoy relaxing afternoons. It is sometimes very hard to maintain a nice garden if you are a busy person. For you, hiring a landscaper may be a good choice if you can afford it. If you have the time, then gardening can be a great hobby since you actually get to see your plants flourish as you take care of them and improve the look of your entryway. You can either choose to enhance your garden with natural pathways, rocks, plants, or garden decorations which you can buy online or make yourself.

Beautifying your doorway

What if you don't have a garden or a walkway or live in an apartment building? That is fine; there are ways to enhance your doorways and entrances by doing some simple things. One of the easiest things to do will be to have custom entrance or welcome mats made with your name or even your face, or maybe something that people will recognize instantly as a part of your home.

If you would like to bring focus to your personality and truly create a unique entryway, a great idea would be to paint your door. It sounds like something simple and like it would be common sense but many people never consider how to express themselves through their front door. People often paint their doors with poly-urethane or flat colors but depending on your personality you may want to do something unique. Choose colors that fit your personality and feel free to install a door that suits the statement you want to make as well, whether it is modern with opaque glass, a classic barn style door, or even a heavy antique looking door.

Address and Mailbox

Depending on where you live the mailbox may not be an option, but your mailbox, if you have one, is often seen as a projection of who you are. Some people choose to fully customize them while others choose to simply paint it in colors they like. Whatever you choose to do with your mailbox, it is important to remember that it will also be one of the first things people see when visiting you or even pass by.

The last way you can truly get your entryway to make an impression is by having custom address plaques made for your home. They can be done in a wide variety of designs and can be made to suit your personality and the image you would like to portray to people.

Remember, your entryway should look inviting and make you feel great about your home. Choose elements that will bring a smile to your face and warm the hearts of those that come to visit.

Cathy is the co-owner of Mayfair Signs and is interested in home decor and DIY projects.

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