How to Create a Comfortable and Elegant Outdoor Living Space

You need to plan ahead no matter you are looking to dress up an existing patio or looking to build a new outdoor living room. For instance, a design with a perfect amount of square footage can really make a big difference between an awkward room and a great room. Although space planning does seem extremely difficult at first yet it is very simple and if you use right tools, it becomes a fun as well.

Elegant Outdoor Living

Designing an Outdoor Room:

Following are some of the design and furniture ideas for average sized outdoor spaces.

  • Determine the Use of Space:

The first thing you need to do is to determine what will be the space used for. You need of figure out whether you want to use it for relaxing or entertainment. Are you going to use space for the couples or group of people? In this regard, the outdoor rooms are just like drawing or dining rooms and therefore, the outer space should be in proportions to the rest of the house as a tiny extension in front of the large house will grotesque and vice versa.

  • Place for Coffee and Morning Paper:

If you intend to use the outdoor room just for morning coffee and paper, an area round 6 by 6 feet is perfect to place a couple of chairs and a bistro table. Similarly, the area of the same size can also accommodate an oversized chair and side table. It totally depends upon whether your outdoor nook is designed for one person or more.

  • A Comfortable Living Area:

If you want the outdoor room to act as a cozy living area with oversized chairs or a couple of love seats, then you should consider the area that is 8 by 8 feet as it will provide just enough space. Similarly, you can also embellish the room with cool and gentle pieces of decoration like your family photos on canvas prints. In order to make these kinds of nooks more private, it is always a good idea to tuck them to the corners of the house.

  • Side Yards:

Side yards are perhaps the best option to make a great outdoor space. In this regard, any side yard that is 10 feet or wider has a lot of potential to become a really sensational outdoor living room. However, you need to maintain at least 3 feet of space for a walkway round your sitting area because side yard are most commonly used for this purpose.

  • A Perfect Dining Space:

Usually the size of the dining table determines the size of any dining space. Therefore, it is advisable for you to 3 feet of space for easy circulation around the table. However, you can utilize a smaller space if you use bench seating on one or more sides of the table.

  • Courtyards:

Courtyards are perfect for creating almost any kind of outdoor area as they make the city living a real delight. If your courtyard happened to be surrounded by three walls, allow enough space for plenty of natural light to come in and never go smaller than 12 by 12 feet. However, the courtyard will only feel better and beautiful if you go larger. Fill the space with some comfy furniture and use one wall for barbecue or fireplace. Furthermore, if you are planning to cover the area from top, you can also use different decoration pieces such as an exotic canvas.


Outdoor space can really convert your home into a delightful living space. You just need to get things right and rest will be a joy and real entertainment for you.

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