How to Choose Garden Furniture

Outdoor is good at any time of the year, but in the summer – especially. In the warmer months, you can organize a picnic, grill party near the decorative pond or a reception for close friends. Garden furniture is a real “helper” that will allow you to spend time easily, comfortably and without worries. You only need to choose the right one!

Depending on the goals, desires, and sizes of the recreation area, you can buy or make your own hands the most diverse sets of furniture for the terrace and patio: tables, chairs, armchairs (classic, rocking chairs, barrels, etc.), stools, sofas, benches, beds, etc.

The most popular and common materials for the manufacture of garden furniture are plastic, metal, wood, and rattan. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, plastic furniture for terraces and patios is cheap and practical. She is not afraid of moisture and pests but does not have high aesthetic properties. At least, she has not yet managed to bypass the wooden and rattan furniture in terms of beauty. At the same time, garden furniture made of wood and wicker has a higher cost, and also requires compliance with some rules of operation.

As for metal furniture for terraces and patios, then everything will depend on the type of metal from which it is made. If it is stainless alloys, the furniture will not require any special care, if not, then the furniture will need to be primed and painted periodically. Plus, furniture made exclusively from metal is not very pleasant to the touch, therefore, when creating furniture, metal is often combined with wood, or fabric pillows and pads are used, as well as removable furniture covers to increase operating comfort. However, to be honest, it should be noted that pillows are often equipped with other types of furniture.

Also, when choosing garden furniture should pay attention to its design. For example, there are folding chairs, tables, stools, lounges, etc. Such furniture will be an excellent solution for owners of small suburban areas who hide furniture for the winter period inside the garden house. If you plan to leave the furniture on the street, even in winter, then you can give preference to good-quality wooden furniture, provided that its surface is covered with special impregnations and antiseptics, allowing you to tolerate changes in temperature and humidity.

Garden furniture: what is it?

Furniture, intended for outdoor recreation, nature, open spaces, is called garden furniture. To her put forward increased requirements in terms of performance, because of its place – under the hot sun, winds, heavy summer rains. When choosing a kit and kit, give preference to good-quality materials, reliable structures, and venerable manufacturers.

Garden furniture may include:

  • tables and chairs, poufs;
  • benches, chaise lounges, sunbeds;
  • classic, hanging and rocking chairs;
  • architectural forms in the form of arches, a separate position – covered or open gazebos;
  • accessories.

Bright feature – the ability to choose a set for the style of landscape design and the overall design of the recreation area. Some will be attracted to strict and restrained models (functional, high-tech, from classic – modern or Scandinavian), others – intricate, with a lot of decorative elements.

Benches and chairs, padded stools and garden beds are made of natural or innovative materials. Furniture on a metal frame, which will perfectly fit into the exterior in laconic styles, can be considered a modern solution.

The remaining options are models for the ages. They are made of teak, which before this passes 2-year drying, acacia, amazing strength, and resistance, pine, which is not necessary to submit. Add to this the charm of a wood pattern, useful phytoncides – and fall in love with the kit forever!

The Patio furniture is available for sale at a big number of online shops, including nyfurnitureoutlets, amazon, houzz, etc.

Garden furniture care

Help to choose a set of 2 important factors: the resistance of the material to weather changes and durability. Items for the street are used regularly and want their appearance to be impeccable. Such qualities as durability, reliability, ergonomics of the design, as well as the aesthetic component – is a matter of choice of materials. Focus on wood varieties, robust and original wicker or authentic rattan!

The appearance of items for the garden – simple rules of care, timely drying, rubbing varnish and polish, good winter storage. Garden furniture with proper care will last a long time and delight with beauty every season!

If you have any questions, please ask below!