How The Climate in Michigan May Affect Your Roof

Different seasons bring different challenges for your roof which it must be able to withstand to last longer. It is well known that the climate of Michigan, with rainy weather in summer and stormy snows in winter, can cause severe damage to the roof of your house. However, it is your responsibility to be aware of every seasonal effect to make sure that you can prevent it from causing any significant damage to your roof.

Here are some of the seasonal effects mentioned to enlighten you.

  • Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common seasonal effects which you must address properly and timely especially if you are in Michigan. Summer storms cause to bring the rainwater on your roof which you need to clean up as soon as possible to prevent any severe water damage or leaks.

You can inspect the water damage from the interior of your home by looking at the ceiling closely. It is better to catch early warning signs beforehand to be able to repair it instead of replacing the entire roof later.

  • Sun Damage

The other threatening seasonal effect is the sun damage in the summer months. The sunlight received by the roofing material can cause to degrade it and fall apart. After affecting the shingles, the UV rays can also penetrate into the roof deck and structure which would heat up the entire home.

You need to protect your roof by applying different insulation coatings on it. Otherwise, it would become really difficult for you to live in your home in such a miserable condition and temperature.

  • Snow Accumulation

In Michigan, snow and ice are very persistent in the winter months and cause other significant seasonal effects on your roof. You must avoid the snow accumulation to make sure that it doesn’t lead to the ice dam formation. You must also have proper ventilation on your roof to keep a proper air flow. Otherwise, the warm spots on your roof may cause to melt and refreeze the ice on the roof edges.

  • Heavy Winds

Heavy winds cause to bring a lot of dust, debris, dead leaves, and granules to the roof and gutter system. You must make sure that your roof is present in its ideal condition to avoid the granules from falling into the gutter due to the winds. Also, you can install guard covers on your gutter system to prevent the clogging. If you show any kind of negligence in this matter, it would lead to flooding and stagnant water around the home. It would be difficult for you then to rash and get any of the roofing contractors in Grosse Ile MI in an emergency situation. So, you need to keep such dangerous seasonal effects in your mind to be able to deal with them.

  • Thermal Shocks

In the extremely hot season, your roof might start expanding and contracting on sudden temperature changes which are specific to places in Michigan. It can cause to develop cracks, molds, and holes in your roof. It would also affect the tar paper which is underneath the shingles by making it hard and brittle.

Once that external barrier gets damaged, you cannot keep the water from getting access inside your home. However, you can avoid this issue by having proper ventilation on your roof beforehand. It would surely help maintain the desired temperature inside and outside your roof to avoid any severe issue in the long run.

  • Trees and Plants

Trees and plants are important to cause a positive impact on the environment. But if you have any of them really close to your roof, they might fall over your shingles causing significant damage. So, you must keep them at a safe distance to make sure that the integrity of your roofing system is secured.

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