How can You Design Your Patio to Help it Blend with Your Garden?

Patios make the best stage for showcasing flowers, garden furniture and the plants. There are several ways you can add interest to your patio. If your patio is in stark contrast to your garden looking dull and cramped, don't worry.

There is little need to dig up your backyard and change the whole thing. You are just required to make a few small investments. Just like the interior of your house, the patios benefit of a lot from a new set of furniture or a new arrangement, seasonal spruce ups and a few accessories.

You can use up a number of ideas for enhancing your patio and creatively deck that up keeping in connection with the surrounding garden. Here are a few tips for you.

Design the Patio Right

Significance lies in getting the right shape, using the right materials and opting for the perfect size of patio. Remember that too small or too big patios will never look right regardless of how well you attempt disguising it after it is built.

Be realistic and figure out how you are planning to use it. For determining the right size, you can use cutouts of furniture. Scale and place them on the graph paper in a configuration you would like it to be placed on the patio. This will allow you to know how everything will fit in and how will your patio look.

A successful design is one of the most critical aspects if you are planning to blend your patio with your garden.

Surround Patio with Beds of Bright and Colorful Annual Plants

Delight yourself as well as your guests framing your patio with bright and colorful flowers. A colorful flower bed blooming from spring to fall will be a great idea to deck up your patio.

You can frame your patio using masses of the same plant.

The summer bedding plants need not just be marigolds and petunias. There are several common bedding plants you can grow around your patio to accentuate its look.

Use Pavers

If you are eager to keep the grass in shape, complementing the patio, you can opt for the brick pavers instead of the stepping stones. Apart from providing the option to show off your garden, if you opt for pavers for your patio, you accrue several other advantages in the guise of low maintenance and easy installation facility. Though the initial cost is at times higher as compared to the other available options, you are saved of the trouble of staining or sealing it continually.

Usage of pavers is one of the best ways to upgrade your backyard.

Furnish with Care

It is better not to keep too much furniture if you have a small patio. Keep a few lounge chairs, a patio cushion storage that doubles up as seating space and a small dining set to serve snacks and coffee. Make sure to opt for weather-resistant furniture, offer adequate coverage from Sun and use a proper base to set up your table.

If you have a bigger space, you can consider a sofa. Consider transforming your traditional couch by adding a few plush pillows and hanging an assortment of glass lanterns. Make sure that the furniture you use in your patio is colorful. This will help it to blend with your garden.

Use Hanging Plants or Container Gardens

If you want more greenery for your patio and need it to blend with the garden, you can opt for the hanging plants and the container gardens. Use them to grow flowers, vegetables as well as herbs if you have a space crunch. Usage of the hanging plants and the container gardens will help your patio blend with the lawn better without making it appear cluttered up.

Opt for Patio Shades

The patio shades will allow you a welcome relief from the Sun and will also protect from frequent rains in the rainy months. However, if you fail to plan and design them properly, the look will be disrupted. Allow the creepers to climb up and cover the patio shade to make it greener.

Following the above-discussed tips, your patio is bound to feel more open as well as welcoming. If you have any doubt, you can get the help of a local gardener.

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