How Can You Design Your Deck

Storage Buffet BoxDecks aid in utilizing your courtyard completely. It serves as a space where you can entertain the guests and spend some time with your family. Planning occupies a significant part when deciding to construct a deck for your home.

Deck serves in the form of a landing space separating the garden from the house. Constructing a deck at the center will help you get a nice view of the surrounding landscape.

What Types of Deck can You Use?

The plain wooden decks or the ones set in stone will go a long way apart from simply enhancing the look of your house. However, you need to take some steps taking care of your wooden deck. Depending on your requirement as well as space you have in hand, designing the deck will be a wonderful way to begin with your home renovation project.

How Should You Design the Deck?

While some homeowners opt for a particular decking style because they like its looks, there are several homeowners nowadays who are considering designing decks that fit in with the style of home as well as the garden.

You may consider the requirement whether you are planning to use it as a place to have some entertainment or your den to rest and relax. You can consider designing the deck depending on your need to ensure better efficacy.

Sketch it Out

Use pencil and paper to start planning and sketch the deck. Make sure you include the location of the house, including doors and windows. Indicate the location of the primary landscaping as well like trees and other structures like the shed.

Locate the Deck

Decide if you would like the deck to be accessible directly from your house or you want it to be placed away from your house.

The detached or the freestanding decks are supported by two or more than two beams, depending on size. You can install them next to house or in the yard. If you are building it away from your house, make sure to make it accessible via a walkway or a path.

Consider the Deck Size and its Functionality

If you will be entertaining your guests regularly in the deck, it is better to go for the comparatively bigger decks where you can keep tables, chairs, deck boxes, and other outdoor furniture. If you are on the lookout for a comfortable as well as pleasant retreat, the smaller decks will be perfectly alright.

Here are a few aspects to remember.

  • Avoid the layouts placing a railing in the middle of window of the house
  • Make sure that the house doors and windows swinging outdoor do not ram against the railing.

Opt for the Right Construction Material

Pressure treated lumber is really strong and is also the least expensive of all materials. Wooden decks if exposed to extreme conditions need weather sealing as well as comparatively more frequent staining.

Heart redwood and heart cedar can resist decay. Redwood and sapwood cedar is not resistant to decay and thus, need additional treatment using a preservative.

Since heartwoods are comparatively more expensive, you can consider using it in places it will remain visible and use the pressure treated woods in places they are not to be seen.

You can use the composite decking materials as well. They come with multiple advantages.

  • Offer design flexibility
  • Needs less maintenance
  • As durable as wood

The composite materials prove to be the better choice for areas exposed to extreme weather.

Quick Tips to Remember while You Design the Deck

Tip 1

Make sure that you are using railings. Railings do not just protect your kids from falling over but they also ensure privacy.

Tip 2

Consider integrating pool space with deck area. This will be a great hit especially if you love to spend time outdoors.

Tip 3

You can decorate your deck using a few plants as well as fireplace. The inclusion of these items is actually the norm when it comes to decking up your living space. You can also grow vines. This will offer natural protection from the elements.

Tip 4

Consider designing the deck with different landings. This will help to make optimum usage of the landscape as well as the surrounding area.

Hope you will find these ideas useful while designing the deck for your house. Wish you the best.

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