Green Roof Remodelling-Is it Possible?

The most common way households and property owners increase savings from utilities is via roof remodelling. There are numerous modern materials that can dramatically reduce the energy consumption of the property, as well as the air circulation, which helps decrease heating expenses too.

green roof

While durability, heat retention and reflective properties are the most common factors that influence the decision of buyers, thinking green can bring huge benefits in terms of increased property value in the long run and also higher savings. Furthermore, you will have tranquil place to escape your everyday hassles. Here are my top tips for green roof:

Extensive vs. Intensive

Although, the green roofs can hardly be placed in categories, we can do basic categorization based on the complexity of the project. Small green areas, often with limited access are referred to as extensive green roofs, while those that include larger varieties of plants and more complex designs are known as intensive.

Whether you will go for 3 to 8 inch soil depth (the extensive green roof) or for anywhere between 8 and 15 inches, you need to make sure that the roof construction is able to support the extra weight. Since every green roofing project is unique, professional help will always come in handy plus many professionals, such as Apex Roofing offer free valuation to their customers.

Common Green Roof Concerns among Contractors

Green roof can hardly be made possible without the help of qualified professionals, so choosing your partner carefully could make the difference between getting things done and complete disaster. While, most will more than happy to start working on your project, there are common concerns in this industry and you need to clear these first.

If I have to summarize, they can be separated into two main categories - work warranty and plant choice. While, most of the materials used for creating green roof have warranty of at least 30 years, many contractors find it hard to estimate the particular period. Since, these vary between professionals; make sure you double-check this before signing the work agreement.

The reasons why plant choice is common concern are quite similar, so making sure the professionals are knowledgeable on this topic or at least have expert services at their disposal is essential.

Top Benefits of Having Green Roof

Often underestimated, green roofs are heavenly places, often scattered among the busy streets of our large cities. If you are still not convinced whether to invest in green roof, check out some more of the benefits of this home remodelling project:

Longer Life of Roofing Materials

The soil placed on top of the roofing membrane helps prolong the life expectancy of the roofing materials by at least 50%. Most of the time, the actual increase is up to 300%. Furthermore, this helps increase the temperature resistance properties of the entire roof!

Reduced Rainwater Runoff

Leaks are the most common cause for property damage and they are often caused by excessive rainwater. Green roofs however absorb large quantities of the rainwater, about 40% and reduce the risks for damage on your property.

Increased Outdoor Oxygen Production

Cities all over the world have one thing in common - air pollution and excessively high temperatures due to lack of vegetation. A green roof helps reduce the urban heat effect and also consume the excessive amounts of carbon dioxide released by modern transportation!

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