Glass Partitions: A Modern Fashion Statement

Glass partitions are a great way to create an inviting space in your facility. Perimeter frame systems are often used in commercial, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality industries to separate work zones and provide a more personalized customer service experience.

The glass partitions create separation and privacy without obstructing views. In addition to separating the work areas from public spaces, the glass partitions can be used to showcase merchandise and provide additional levels of visual appeal.

Glass partitions are beneficial in that they provide a protective divider without obstructing views or restricting airflow. Aesthetically, the glass partitions offer a superior design feature for retail environments and enhance the overall look of a facility by illuminating products and merchandise behind it.

On a broader scale, glass partitions reduce the stress associated with personal and professional space and provide a sense of balance and harmony for workers.

The use of glass partitions provides new opportunities for productivity through increased spatial planning, flexibility, natural light, and airflow. Improved site lines from open floor plans can aid in the overall flow of work activity.

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Benefits of Glass Partitions

Glass Partition can be a great source of comfort and pleasure. The solid surface prevents workers from being distracted by outside sights and sounds, which can improve productivity. A quiet working environment has its benefits as well.

The privacy glass partitions offer creates an opportunity for greater task focus, allowing employees to maintain their concentration on work. Airflow is improved as well, further contributing to worker comfort.

If you’re looking for a solution to increase productivity and flexibility in your office environment, then glass partition walls are an excellent choice. Not only do they provide an open floor plan, but they also can be designed to suit the requirements of your workspace.

How to Use Glass Partitions on Glass Windows Tinted with Film or Insulating Vinyl

It is essential to ensure the glass is clean and free of debris before installation. If there is any film or insulating vinyl present, we recommend cleaning it off with a product similar to Windex. Glass partitions are safe for use on tinted glass. Still, the glass mustn’t have a tint so dark that it hinders visibility in some situations. https://crystaliaglass.com/glass-partitions/glass-partition-wall-systems-for-office/

  1. Be sure the glass is clean and free of debris before moving forward.
  2. Once the glass partition is in position, gently clean any remaining debris from the window until there are no particles left on the surface.
  3. If the tinted or film safety glass is being used, follow instructions provided by the manufacturer to remove any residue and gas bubbles from the safety glass surface.
  4. Once the glass partition has been installed, test it for visibility. If you can see through the safety glass and still identify objects behind it, no further work is required.
  5. If you cannot see through the glass to identify objects behind it, then there are two possible causes for this:
  6. a) The tinted film has not been entirely removed from the surface of the safety glass. Follow directions provided by tint manufacturers and attempt to remove any debris left on the surface of safety glass.
  7. b) The tinted film has a very dark tint that substantially reduces visibility in the area where it is installed. In this case, it is recommended to request a replacement glass partition, which will correct this issue.

How to Use Glass Partitions

  • Assemble the glass partitions according to assembly instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Ensure the partitions are level for proper installation and level with surrounding concrete or other vertical surfaces, as specified by manufacturer instructions.
  • Start with the partitions that are farthest from the window and work your way in toward the window.
  • Align the glass partitions by using a level to ensure that they are level and all facing in the same direction.
  • Clamp or screw in place; this will help keep them secure during installation.
  • Install all-glass partitions at one time or install each one individually as steps may dictate according to available time and supplies required for a specific job.
  • Use a sealant to cover all seams.
  • Trim excess sealant from glass partition along the edge of the glass with a razor blade or utility knife.
  • Seal any gaps between the wall, floor, and glass partition with a clear silicone sealant or caulk as specified by the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Allow the sealant to dry before using it in the designated area.
  • Safety glass should not be installed in direct sunlight or areas where heat would cause the glass to crack.

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