Garage Door Materials

Up & Over Garage DoorBased on how the garage is to be used, the homeowner needs to think about various different things when choosing door materials. Since you will surely have to change the garage doors at least once in a lifetime, here is what you will always have to remember. We will start with the common garage door types you will want to consider.

Tilt-Up Garage Doors

This is a garage door that is going to be opened by lifting. One single panel will push doorways up. These doors are preferred because of the fact they are not that expensive when compared with other options.

Sectional Roll Up Doors

These are normally made out of 4 or 5 horizontal sections or panels hinged or attached together. You mount them on special track based rollers so that sectional panels will roll up and back. Although these are more expensive than the above-mentioned option, most of the homeowners are going to consider it because of how safe it is to use the garage door and the easiness of operation.

Choosing between garage door materials is complicated due to the lack of knowledge that most homeowners have. All the materials have disadvantages and advantages you have to take into account. Garage door materials that are really common include steel, aluminum casting and wood as the popular choices.

Garage Doors Made Out Of Wood

Wooden garage doors are normally preferred by the homeowners because of the homey appearance and the overall aesthetic appeal. At the same time, this is a cheap option when comparing with the other popular materials. The problem with wood is that the material can so easily absorb moisture, heat, crack and be negatively affected by weather. Regular repainting, maintenance and wood reconditioning are necessary after a couple of years.

Aluminum Garage Doors

These garage doors will always be sturdier than the wooden garage doors. They are strong and can easily withstand nasty and heavy battering caused by weather. Aluminum doors will be pretty light, have really clean designs and will only rust when faced with serious element damage.

Garage Doors Made Out Of Steel

This is the material that few people actually consider because of the misconception that it is not at all a good option. Just like aluminum, steel will be sturdier than fiberglass and wood. Steel garage doors will not need that much maintenance when faced with environmental conditions.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

These garage doors will be light, just like when choosing aluminum. Fiberglass is a pretty good choice when faced with various different seasonal changes or when the home is in an area that is prone to tornadoes or typhoons.


Make sure that you think about all the advantages and disadvantages associated with all the materials we mentioned. Also, choose just the opportunity that will be suitable based on the location of the home. It is really important that you never hurry and that you consider all the options. This will help you make a very good choice.

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