Easy Ways to Make Your Patio Comfortable

Patio for Cuddling upIt isn’t uncommon to return home from a long day at work and relaxing on the patio for a few minutes before entering the house. Apart from that, reading the newspaper or a book in your patio can be quite relaxing as well.

For this, you would need your patio to be comfortable and welcoming to ensure that it feels like an extension of your living room. The good news is, the patio provides optimal natural light and enough fresh air, thus making it an inviting space to be in.

With a little makeover, you can not only turn your patio into a cozy place but also a very comfortable zone to host outdoor parties. Let’s take a look at some of the useful techniques for the same.

Clean the Patio

The first step to make your patio comfortable is to clean it up. Dust, stray leaves and other unwanted materials usually cover the floor of the patio unless it is cleaned every day. This may damage the patio considerably. For example, unwanted growth like weed may ruin the patio.

You can sweep the debris and leaves off the patio and trim the plants surrounding the patio. Apart from this, the patio is also cluttered by pots, toys, garden tools and other such things. You would need to put away this clutter to make this place look inviting.

Add a Shade

Even though the patio provides the benefit of natural light, the summer heat may be quite harsh. As a result, the overhead structure may not be enough. Therefore, you would need to add some extra shade to the patio to make it comfortable. You can consider extending the roof of your house to provide shade to the patio. You can also install a pergola for extra shade.

If building a pergola or extending the roof of your house seems like a lengthy and complex process, you can consider resorting to a more inexpensive option. For example, a shade sail or a canopy can be an effective option. Making a canopy is easy and it also provides room for experimenting with various materials and vibrant colors.

Outdoor Furniture

A comfortable patio is a place where you can relax. Therefore, the furniture you place here including the seating options should be relaxing. It is wise to include multiple seating options since this will enable you to entertain guests outdoor. You can include lounge chairs to make the patio look cozy. Ensure the seats are soft by adding a lot of cushions.

It is important to ensure that you only use outdoor furniture even though you are tempted to use the indoor furniture. You can include a patio table where you can place down the book you are reading or the evening tea and so on. Additionally, placing a patio storage box will help you store the cushions, dishes, glasses etc.

Another comfortable option would be to install a swing bed in the patio. Building a swing bed is quite simple. You can either consider modifying an old bed for this purpose or build one from wooden pallets and hang it from the ceiling using ropes or chains. You can add a lot of brightly-colored cushions to the bed to make it more comfortable.

Include Plants

Plants not only help in beautifying the space but also have a soothing effect. Placing them in the patio ensures that they are protected from bad weather conditions. A patio decorated with a lot of colorful flowers can make it look quite welcoming. Apart from adding color, plants can also help in providing privacy.

You can consider including ivy, plants with colorful flowers etc. You can also include evergreens, potted palms, junipers and other plants depending on the theme of your patio. Scented plants can also be great additions. However, you would need to keep in mind that plants can attract insects. Therefore, you can place a jar containing citronella candle on each table.

Extra Additions

  • If your patio is large enough, you can consider adding an outdoor fireplace.
  • A traditional fire pit can be a great place to seat your guests around.
  • You can also install an umbrella over the seating area.
  • A hammock can be quite relaxing.

These ideas will help you turn your patio into a relaxing zone in no time.

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