Create an Outdoor Living Space for Summer Events and Family Gatherings

It is easy to forget the deck or patio area when you are decorating your home, but with a few decorative pieces of furniture and accessories, you can turn the deck into an additional living space. Whether you want more space that has the same look and feel of the living room or if you want an entertainment area suitable for all of your summer events, the following ideas will help you transform your outdoor space into an outdoor living space.

Individualized Areas

Use furniture to create individual areas, such as a seating area and a dining area. Survey the deck or patio to visualize how you want each area to look when finished. The views are important when creating specific areas, so avoid facing chairs towards the side of the house and make sure there are enough furniture pieces and seating areas for everyone.

Made to Last

When you buy outdoor furniture, it should be made of durable, weather resistant and UV protected materials. Polywood is a great option for all of the large pieces of furniture. Not only is Amish handcrafted Polywood durable, but it is weather-proof and will maintain its attractiveness, despite the amount of use. Regardless of the design you prefer, there is something to compliment the look as well as several types of furniture pieces to choose from.

Furniture Ideas

It can sometimes become overwhelming when trying to choose the best furniture pieces for your outdoor living space. When shopping for outdoor furniture and accessories, these pieces will help maximize comfort:

  • Porch glider benches are a great way to provide seating. Glider benches are designed to seat two people, which encourage conversations among guests at a summer event.
  • Table and chair sets are a must have for the dining area of your patio. The table size is dependent on the space you have. You could choose a large table that seats 6 or more guests or a small garden table that is a comfortable place to enjoy coffee with friends.
  • Adirondack chairs are available in wood tones or bright colors, so there is a design for everyone. These chairs are perfect for creating several conversation areas.
  • Outdoor bar sets provide an area where you can easily serve drinks or snacks to guests. These are also an easy way to add extra storage space outdoors, because many styles come with built in cabinets.
  • Decorative planters add design to the area and using a variety of plants will add color and make the space feel comfortable.
  • Area rugs are an easy way to separate the individual spaces as well as add color and comfort to your outdoor living space.
  • Cushions on Adirondack chairs, bar stools and gliders add comfort and color and is an easy way to personalize the space.

Outdoor furniture can create a comfortable, polished look to your backyard. If you aren't sure about the exact style you want, consider looking at magazine pictures or online design sites to get help and inspire the type of outdoor living space you are looking for. It is important to keep in mind that the climate where you live places a big part in choosing the best outdoor furniture, so look for items such as polywood that is easy to maintain and can withstand sunlight and rain. The same applies to rugs, planters and other accessories; choose items that are made for the outdoors. Remember to always clean and store outdoor furniture in a safe environment during the winter months; this will extend the life of the polywood furniture and accessories.

Written by Jim Miller of DutchCrafters, a pioneer in bringing Amish furniture to the internet.

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