Clever Ways to Decorate a Small Patio

Small Patio

Decorating a small patio can be quite challenging. A small patio does not have enough scope for implementing certain great ideas. However, the good news is, with a little bit of creativity, you can turn a patio, no matter how tiny it is, into an exquisite outdoor space.

With the summer upon us, it is time to take the festivities outdoor. To make the celebrations a hit, it is imperative to get your patio in order and nicely decorated.

Following are some innovative ideas to spruce up your small patio.

Place a Tiny Table

A small patio doesn’t necessarily imply that it won’t have a table. Be it for entertaining a guest or making a cozy space for yourself, your patio definitely needs a table. Choose a small table with a brightly colored table top.

A small size would not overwhelm the patio and would also be just enough for you to have your morning or evening tea. A potted plant on it would be the perfect addition. The best thing about having a small table is that you can take it inside anytime you want.

Add a Small Bench

Place a small bench in your patio to make it even more functional. You can either cover it with a mat or keep it bare. Throw a brightly colored cushion on it and place a couple of small potted plants to decorate it.

There is a variety of patio storage benches to choose from to turn your patio into a multi-functional place. You can store cushions, mats etc. inside these benches.

Resort to Vertical Gardening

No space to place the precious blooms that you have been meaning to include? You have nothing to worry about as long as you have a wall or a fence. You can consider adding a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are easy to build.

You can use hex wire to accommodate terracotta pots. Another method would be to add a series of wooden planks that has openings to put the plants in. Secure the planks with ropes and tie the ropes to a rod above the planks.

You can also create a herb garden on a chalkboard by screwing hose clamps on it and placing the pots in these. If you can get a little creative, you can build a vertical garden with soda bottles!

Hook up a Hammock

No matter how small your patio is, there is always enough space for a hammock. The hammock has a relaxed, laid-back feel about it. You can curl up in it with a book in the boring afternoons and roll it up and store it somewhere when you are entertaining guests.


You can include lights that are in sync with the theme of your outdoor space. These would not take up much space. String lights are the best options to light your patio. These are inexpensive options to personalize your outdoor living space. The good news is, you can get highly creative with string lights.

A dearth in horizontal space does not affect lighting options. You have enough vertical space for your lighting experiments. You can create a mason jar chandelier and hang it in your patio ceiling.

Faux Grass

Why settle for an ordinary rug when you can turn your patio’s floor grassy? You can give your patio a more earthy and natural look instantly by adding a faux grass carpet. If you live in an apartment on the tenth floor, imagine the surprise that would greet your guests when they are welcomed to a grassy patio!

With a grassy carpet, all you would want to do is run your toes through it.

Additional Tips

Along with the above tips, you can also consider adding folding furniture. These are extremely useful choices for a small space. You can fold these up and store them somewhere when they are not in use. That being said, you can include an Adirondack chair. These chairs have a straight back and armrests and are extremely relaxing. Add a little pop to it by painting it with a bright color and throw a cushion on it.

These tips can turn your small patio into an inviting space. The best part is, all of the décor items mentioned above are affordable and can add a welcoming charm to your patio.

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